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Susan Asks:

My Pisces man is currently going through a divorce. We have been seeing it other for a little while and everything has been going well. He’s told me how happy he is, how perfect I am for him and how much he appreciates me. I have learnt to identify when he needs space and encourage it. However over the past 2 weeks he has had a lot of stress in his life, mainly due to the divorce.

There was an incident recently in relation to the divorce and in less than 24hours we’ve gone from being happy and making future plans to him ending our relationship and closing off from me altogether. Can I just make clear, I was not a part of this incident. My Pisces and I hadn’t had a argument or anything. What happened during this incident has made him feel overwhelmed that he cannot deal with that and a relationship with me as well. Can I help him and can I get him back?


Based on what you wrote and my understanding of the situation it feels like he wasn’t truly into you as person regardless of what he said to you with words. Like speaking for myself it would be very “normal” for a person like me to in a sense to disappear if I didn’t feel anyone around me could help. But to outright just say “it’s over” with everything you wrote on how it was apparently going so well simply doesn’t add up. Unless whatever happened to him was like he is secretly an undercover agent that had to secretly leave for a mission or something………..

I am inclined to say as an example that this incident was used as like an excuse to break things off with you where he say wanted your company or something in ways that normally only people in a relationship would give each other. However, because he doesn’t really want to say commit to you he just continues with the act.

Interestingly enough, this reminds me of a recent comment I made on how it can be a good thing if a person like me never seems to take initiative or outright says they love you and such quickly as it can often mean they are serious about finding a relationship. It’s when all that stuff happens fairly quickly where I would be skeptical.

If what I said is true then all you really need to do is help him specifically with that incident in ways that he needs. Just as exaggeration, but if in his divorce he lost like a car then giving him a new car would make him want to rekindle the relationship. But of course I think you agree that isn’t what a relationship should be about. So that is up to you.

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