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Pisces Hobbies And Interests

Now one thing that I have noticed is that when it comes to character labeling a lot of literatures state that a person like myself must love hobbies such as dancing. Therefore, if you are trying to find an activity to help relax or open me up then you should take on that hobby as well.

Speaking for myself, I don’t really like dancing at all actually and can’t see how anyone can just assume a person enjoys a specific activity based on their date of birth. That’s almost no different than me assuming that people of specific ethnicities do certain activities everyday based on general stereotypes.

Although one main point that I do agree with is that doing an activity that one enjoys does help to open people up. When you think about it, isn’t that true for everyone in a general sense? I must say too, I usually try to evaluate a person’s personality based on the type of activities that they do too.

For my personality type, if you are talking about trying to get one’s attention, finding out that you share a similar interest in a hobby actually drops the barrier by a significant amount in the initial meeting stages. As well, this is one of those things you can’t really fake in the long run and nor should you I’d say.

Example, if the person did like dancing, which you did not, and you simply took it just to get their attention then sooner or later most likely you will stop doing it. Basically, it’s one of those once you have the fish under the hook you then don’t need to try anymore. You just know that it is going to come up later where you will find the dancing activities to be a drag and hence conflict will occur.

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