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Pisces in love or playing around

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I am a person who is in a long time relationship. Through my partner I got to know a piscean guy. There was nothing special between us. Almost after 5 months suddenly it hit like us a storm. I am sure both me and the piscean guy almost felt it at same time. We both haven’t expressed each other anything in words. Only through the songs he play when I am in car with him , the way he stare at me.. When we go out with friends we just talk and talk.. He seems too keen to talk to me , but nothing romantic.. Mostly about him or me.but when with him I feel very special and even the handshakes we share I feel very special.

My mind tells me he is very much affected as me and he does love me. But my head refuses to accept it without any proof. I can’t even look at the guy I am in relationship with and I feel like I should break up with him without causing him much hurt, though I know he want to continue the relationship. Guilt, confusion all driving me crazy. What should i do?. The piscean guy is just playing me or he really love me


This seems like it has more to do with you than him I feel. It sounds like a situation where you need to do some serious thinking and soul searching as to why your current boyfriend isn’t giving you all these vibes and special feelings. Otherwise it is kind of like the notion of job hopping where it’s like you don’t truly understand what your passion in life is in general and so you are constantly tempted to jump from one job to another as everything seems better where all you know is that you want to experience this “feeling” each day.

Example, you say he talks and talks where he seems keen to do so. Hence, could it be actions like those that are making you feel special where your current boyfriend isn’t doing that? If so, have you ever talked to your current boyfriend about that? Because based on what you wrote so far, maybe it’s just due to the lack of information given but I don’t see anything that indicates that the Pisces guy is doing anything other than being social. That’s why I am leaning towards it’s not so much what he is doing but what your current boyfriend isn’t doing for you.

The other way of explaining it I feel is like when countries have some kind of vote for a new leader. Many times there are instances where people vote for certain parties or individuals not because they like them so much but rather they hate the other person does a lot. Therefore, a vote for the new party is more about a vote against the old party.

That’s not to say you hate your current boyfriend of course. But the point is if you haven’t narrowed down emotionally why this Pisces guy fascinates you so much then it feels like your emotions are being guided more due to like a rebellion of the emotions you want your current boyfriend to do. If you take the time to really answer that question then that should be your answer on what you should do in terms of say staying or breaking the relationship. Example, if you truly understand what it is you want emotionally which you express to your boyfriend and he says “Nope, can’t offer you that” then you can have a rational discussion with him as to whether or not this relationship is right.

Again, I don’t feel the Pisces guy should even be in the picture overall in terms of wondering how he feels since you are in a relationship and can’t yet identity exactly why you feel the way you do(Maybe you do but you haven’t written it down here). So I suggest you take the time to discover that. Besides, think of it this way too. If you don’t develop your senses to understand why you feel the way you do yourself then how would you be able to identify what the Pisces guy is feeling if you were in a relationship with him?

Cause remember, as I have wrote in many other posts a person with my personality type kind of requires people to have the compassion and senses to know like what I am feeling without me necessarily saying anything. So consider this as practice too which I think should help you in your daily life in general.

Could there be this “sexual tension” between you two for example? Well, that is a possibility as that is just human nature I feel. But again, start by helping yourself answer those questions.

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