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Pisces male + Pisces female?

Alisa Asks:

What’s holding guys back from looking their Pisces pair?
Do you desire this kind of connection?
I’m a February* Pisces who has been looking for her half and I would hope he’s looking for me too.
(*I’m in the first decan so unlike those born in March who also have Cancer or Scorpio, I only have Pisces characteristics)


That is a very open ended question that will heavily depend on each person’s lifestyle and circumstances I would say. But generally speaking everyone desires that connection and if one was 100% certain that getting into that relationship would be 100% positive who in the right mind wouldn’t jump into it?

But in terms of what is holding one back even for myself I am constantly looking. It’s just not in the traditional way such as guy meets girl at a bar, guy asks her out and they live happily ever after. Keep in mind as I write this I am going with the direction that the person seems super reserved and is looking for “the one.” A person like myself uses everything he understands about people and my own values where I have to see certain points and key traits pop up naturally and organically. At the same time I must be certain that I will genuinely will be a positive for you as well.

For example, seeing someone taking initiative to help another without anyone telling them to would automatically draw me closer to that person. I used the apple example before where if there are two apples on the table for two people and one of them doesn’t look as “nice” seeing the person take the “bad” looking one because they were being thoughtful in wanting the other to have the nice one is the stuff I look for. I look for that stuff all the time. But as you can imagine this isn’t something that you can see in like an interview process. That’s often why it just seems like a person like me is doing nothing when in reality I am constantly thinking and observing.

The other big factor is the reality of life. As a person who constantly gives a lot as an example I know the feeling of being “drained” per se. Therefore I am way more senstive to this than the average person when it comes to taking from others. So if I feel that entering a relationship will result in me draining the person in some way that holds me back from jumping into it unless I can clearly see how that isn’t the case in the big picture.

The analogy I used before was if I felt you always had to carry a boulder in life just for me because I am too weak to do it myself then that holds me back because I don’t want to see someone having to go through that. But if I knew 100% that you are like this super special person where boulders for you is like lifting feathers then that is different. That is often too why a person like me doesn’t take initiative because ideally I want to see everything happen naturally without having to “fight” to just make it work per se because in my mind it simply won’t work otherwise in the long run. So yes, overall a person like me is always looking until the day comes where we find the one per se.

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