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Pisces Man

Diana Asks:

I am extremely attracted to a 25 year old Pisces, we have been knowing each other since February, met at a library. We started off as friends getting to know each other opening up. as we continued to talk and hang out..I began to grow feelings for him(during April), the first time we hung out we talked for hours and its still like that when we hang out now, its never boring with this Pisces guy. when I began to like him I let him know how I felt about him and he let me know he didn’t feel the same way well he had recently got out of a really bad long term relationship so I understood him and just continued to be his friend.

as time passed by one night we hung out and out of no where he let me know that he liked me as more than friends?… so I was happy but he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend or anything, i had mentioned that to him that if we were ever going to be more than friends and he told me that he wants to take things slow and see what happens and that he does like me. I wonder, am I just wasting my time or will there something really happen between us? he is very caring and affectionate with me as i am with him, whenever we hang out he tells me I’m his, I’ve met his mom and grandparents already, we have not had sex yet.


Based on what you wrote it sounds like he is directly telling you that he likes you. I personally feel that him at first telling you that he doesn’t feel the same way about you only to then tell you that he liked you more as a friend is an invitation for you to take control/direct him per se. In a way it’s like he is opening himself up to any suggestions you may have to move the relationship forward. Based on those actions, he will evaluate himself if you are the women for him.

Imagine him like a horse where it is enabling you to ride it anywhere you want for five minutes as its past rider was abusive to it. If that trip is good, it will then offer ten minutes. Afterwards, 15 and so on. Like there, you wouldn’t necessarily ask the horse if it wants to go somewhere. Instead it is enabling its trust on you that wherever it is going will be good for the both of you. With time and assuming everything goes well it will devote itself to you. I feel he has a similar mentality style at this point.

It seems like you are on the right track though as this is a marathon not a sprint.

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