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Hi, i don’t know how i end up getting here to this site maybe Google is tired answering my questions about this Pisces guy who mess my life up and still messing it up. We met on dating website in 2015 our first year was great that’s when he was getting to know me and trying to win my confidence well finally he was succeeded with whatever he had in his mind. I’m in so much pain i don’t know what to do where to bang my head his mind games are too extreme he leaves then come back one min he is face timing me next he is face timing someone else and he thinks I’m the Hoe or cheating on him when i have seen it he is a flirt big time.

I’m Scorpio myself, I don’t know why i can’t let him go why i cant let go of him he is very abusive verbally and mentally it hurts. He is some what back in my life after 1 whole year and ask me to be his fuck buddy ONLY… he clearly said we wont dine out no movies only SEX buddies once he is done with me having sex then he waits me to get out from his car. He is giving me a choice he wants to call me or see me when he wants too he wants to call the shots and when i did what he ask me to like let him be by himself he got angry at me and punish me for not seeing for days or weeks.

What i notice when he reach out to me he is nice respectful and caring but when he get the sex then he goes back to being himself. or when he is done having sex with me he will talk abt how he is committed else where or how he got girls on the side i honestly don’t know what to do with him or how to handle him you are the second Pisces guy i now writing this to please don’t ask me to leave him as I’m not ready to leave him on short note ill give you small example yesterday we had plan to meet and he set this plan for us but he have not spoken 2 days prior from yesterday and oh man did he gave me hard time all of a sudden he said if i can make a plan i can break too and then we had shots he was nice we dine out when he said no dine out then had sex but after OH MY GOD did he scream called me names as I’m still shivering right now I’m been in my fear all day today what if ill loose him again Listen man who ever you are please give me tips to bring myself my respect my dignity back where i was please what can i do 2018 is about to start and i don’t know what to do.


Your message and situation feels like this isn’t about him but rather yourself. Before you immediately say “What the heck are you talking about………………..He is yelling at me” and so forth let’s try and establish the foundation based on what you wrote. According to you he is crystal clear in what he wants from you. Sex without stipulations as an example. So the second you go against that it makes sense why he is reacting the way he is. Now that is not to say it is right. But the thing to think about is why are you not doing the same in the sense of demanding something for yourself in a sense too where if that person doesn’t offer that then no sex as an example?

Because as of now this is like a bad business dealing where the guy is telling you all he wants is your money and you get nothing in return literally. When you ask for something he yells at you to leave. Thinking of it from that angle why do you continue to give the store money when you aren’t getting anything in return? That is something you need to answer for yourself which is the main issue in all this I feel.

I won’t necessarily say leave him as it’s your choice, but just to throw it out there you said you are scared you will lose him again. With what you are saying may I ask in an over the top example why are you so afraid of him leaving you if it literally meant instantly meeting another person that is everything you want? Keep in mind in this example too it’s not you leaving him but him leaving you with your example of the fear. Or like with the store example I would ask why are you so afraid that place will blacklist you when all it has done is take your money so far where them blacklisting you could mean you will go to a different store that will actually give you something you need in return?

I don’t know you personally but I am just going to go out on a limb that your real fear is not about losing him as a person per se but rather the thought of being alone and not having other options in life for say love. If that is the case it’s something you need to talk about I feel and finding the right people in your everyday life to do so. You shouldn’t live in fear o it starts with yourself first I feel.

Kind of like the saying goes too with people who say yell at you or treat you badly. There is a saying where if someone gives you “crap” in the form of negativity what can you do? Now imagine this “crap” in the literal sense like feces. Yeah…gross but there’s a point to this. Imagine this guy walks up to you with a piece of “crap” in their hands and tells you to take it. What happens if you just ignore it and let the person continue to hold on to that piece of “crap” all day? I bet you they will start to stink afterwards huh? So like there why take the “crap” from them?

That’s how I see your situation at the moment with this person too and it’s something to think about. Like with that visual don’t you think it’s a little odd to keep taking that “crap” from him? So it starts with you first to understand and be honest with yourself on why you want to keep taking it.

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