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Pisces Man Confuses Me

Sallen Asks:

I’m a Pisces woman who has been friends with a Pisces man that I met a month ago at work. We talked got to know each other then one day we decided to see each other, but of course something came up and I told him that we should reschedule! He said it was cool and that whenever I needed him that he’s just a phone call Away! So one day I asked him out! He didn’t respond to me til later on that day and said that he had plans tonight with his mom. Then we had an argument about Me!

He said that he didn’t understand why I’m so emotional with him and that he didn’t want a relationship! He just wanted to be friends! Which I totally agreed to. I had no idea that I was being a very emotional being to him! he said that he not going to text me everytime I text him Because im not his gf! So I just fell back I distanced myself from him for a few days n start back messaging him, but it’s like Now he just really don’t like me Like I’m very confused! I don’t know what to say what to do..in my heart I know we could make something happen but he doesn’t want to and I can respect that! It’s Like he’s scared to tell me he isn’t interested but he already hurting me Because of the way he just stopped talking to me for no reason! Is this a sign that he is not Interested?


This one is a little hard to interpret as it is missing so many details such as how often you text him and if you asked anything out of him before the argument. From what you wrote the guy makes it sound like you text him say five times a day to try and start up a conversation for example.

Based on what I know, I am inclined to say what you have hinted at which is he cares for you but is not interested in pushing things beyond a friendship. I have had a situation like that happen as an example where the person expected me to respond and react as if I was married to her when I was just being a supportive friend. So like in this situation, I hope you are not demanding more out of him than he is willing to give at the moment.

Ultimately, I wouldn’t say that he is not interested entirely. Instead, he probably isn’t getting the support or emotional fulfillment from you that you are probably getting from him. In my opinion, you simply have to be the friend here too where it’s one of those scenarios where if he naturally sees the happiness in pursuing a relationship with you then he will find time and all. You mentioned that he is afraid to tell you that he isn’t interested. At the same time, if you think about it you also said he clearly told you that he doesn’t want a relationship and that you were not his girlfriend.

I would take that as a clear voice of him saying you need to keep your distant from him unfortunately when it comes to actively trying to steer this into a deeper relationship.

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