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Pisces man confusing me. Is he interested or not?

Sara Asks:

I’m an aries with pisces rising. This pisces guy i know sends me mixed signals. He stares at me a lot in class and when we make eye contact he just holds it even when i look way and look back again (i’m a bit shy). He was also looking when i was talking to the guy sitting next to me. He has also been nice towards me so he calmed me down, asked if i felt better and answered a question for me (didn’t answer it for other members of group).

So i throught i would return the favor and i texted him first two times and reminded him of due dates (he said he wasforgetful) i messaged him first for the third time to tell him i have the textbook he wants and we ended up having a long conversation ( he replied in long paragraphs) and i asked him whenever he is free i will give him the textbook and if he wants we can hang out a bit afterwards.

He said he will message tuesday but tuesday came and he texted and said that he had pulled an all nighter for his exam and he would grab the book off me on thursday. I said he should rest and i cant on thursday cause got other plans. He didn’t open the message and its been a week i havent heard of him. Whenever i message he always replies within max of 4 mins. So i dont understand what happened.

We have teased each other and i noticed that he laughs or at least smiles whenever i make silly jokes. When i compliment him he will just turn quiet and smile to himself. I wonder why he hasnt messaged yet so we can hang out :/ When i told him i would gove him the book he was like “you are the best”.


Generally speaking, if what you wrote is accurate then to me this simply signifies that whatever challenge he is going through he doesn’t feel you can or would be willing to go through the journey with him. Example, you indicated he pulled an all nighter and suggested that he get the book from you Thursday. When you said you can’t it’s basically like he is being an inconvenience to you of sort.

Also, why wait to message him to hang out? Just do it in my opinion as you usually have to take initiative this way for a person like myself. How one follows up after the invite is the key telling point.


  • Sara April 25, 2017

    I interpreted him not texting me anymore about it as a sign of disinterest. He has never texted me first :/

  • Sara April 25, 2017

    also, i did ask him to hang out. i told him to message me whenever he is free so i can give him the textbook and if he wants we can hang out afterwards to which he replied yes. but then tuesday came and he texted and when i said i can’t meet up on thursday i got no reply after that. it has been 3 weeks and i will see him in class on friday. wondering if i should make an effort to speak with him or not during class since he is the one who didn’t reply (and didn’t follow up) and mad me feel like he is not interested.

  • Alan April 26, 2017

    Asking him to text you when he is free is too open ended in my view. You should get very specific while trying to know exactly the type of things he normally wouldn’t refuse when it comes to like say attending certain events. Afterwards, invite him to that event with you. If you are telling me he flat out rejects you there or that he doesn’t try and make it up with you then that is where I would say he has no interest in you so to speak.

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