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Pisces man is so confusing ???

Amber Asks:

Hi my name is Amber and my ex name is nazy. I’m active duty Air Force for 3 years . I met nazy through a Facebook group … we became so close .. it was a long distance relationship but we made it work .. I lived in NC and he lived in Sc .. he’s 42 and I just turned 25 .. I fell in love with him .. I noticed that every time I told people about us he would ignore me and shut me out for a week or two .. this last time he dumped me but still claimed he had feelings and he wanted to see me and take me out to dinner before I pcs (military move ) . I said yes and then no because something didn’t feel right .. after some searching because he was so distant .. I found out he was in a relationship with another girl for a few months .. heartbroken I sent him the angriest text I could and he never responded but the girl took down the pic of them and they are no longer together … I just pcsed to korea and it’s been a month and he’s still hasn’t said anything .. I was so hurt I told him to block my number and block my fb since he wasn’t man enough to apologize.. he blocked my number but not my Facebook … my birthday just passed and he didn’t even say happy birthday to me so I messaged him once again and told him to block me .. I know I can’t do it because I still have feelings … I’ve done so many things for him .. putting money in his pocket to help him fix his car and send flowers to his mother … I don’t know what to do … it’s been a month and a half .. no apology nothing .. he even owes me money … he won’t say anything to me… I want him to say something … ?


I don’t feel there is anything confusing about this when it comes to him based on what you wrote. Essentially, if you want an apology as a form of retribution from him then it fundamentally comes down to the circumstances in his life have to align in a way where him not apologizing to you will be worst. For example, if he was headline news now because of this you better bet he would apologize. I would imagine it’s the other way around right now where in his mind giving you that apology would create that attention that he doesn’t want.

I truly get it where when you feel betrayed it comes down to the principle of it where you in a sense want people to be held accountable. But my personal advice is there will be a time for that and now isn’t the right time it seems. You need to get away from him by the sounds of it and instead focus your energy with people who will actually be positive around your life. It’s kind of like saying would you rather spend all day with a guy who has say no conscious or remorse to get him to change or would you rather be with people who can actually make you feel good in life? Things like the money is a spate issue and treat it as such. For example, if he owes you money and you can prove it, and assuming you really want it back, then I would imagine you can take legal recourse. That’s for you to decide of course but make sure it is a separate category of interest.

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