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Why did this pisces man delete me off Snapchat?

Anna Asks:

Hi, I’m a Capricorn women and I met this pisces man at my friends barbecue party. He was from out of state so he really didn’t know anyone but he was really social and friendly from the start so we hit it off well. The whole day we were just sitting and talking and at one point he tried asking for my number but I told him that I don’t give it out to just anyone so then he told me if he could put his number in my phone and I can decide to text him whenever I felt comfortable so I allowed it. After that he got my snapchat and he the. invited my friends and I over to this guys house that he knew so we could all hang out. So on the way there he said I could ride with him & his friends so I went in the back next to him. He kept staring at me telling me how beautiful I was and everything and that made me really uncomfortable because I didn’t know if he actually meant it or if he was just saying it to just say it. So I just kept messing with him and making everything into a joke to lighten up the mood he was getting really intense and he kept trying to kiss me and I was dodging it.

So fast forward into the night we were at his friends apartment and we were just cuddling on the couch talking and vibing it. So I get up to go to the kitchen to grab a drink and he comes after me ..one thing led to another and the next thing you know we’re making out in the kitchen. I usually don’t do that especially when I first meet someone but there was something different about him. And it was that difference that made me so confused. Like did he really like me or is he just playing games?? I ignored my thoughts and made out with him for a little while longer then I pushed him away and went back into the living room and acted like nothing happened. He then sits next to me and just couldn’t keep his hands off me. I personally hate PDA so I just felt really uncomfortable and kept moving from him whenever he tried kissing me in front of my friends. After awhile he got the hint and we just kept talking and occasionally made out in the kitchen.

So the next day, he messages me on Snapchat and tells me that he wants to see me again and that he misses me.. etc and at this point I want to see him too but I was cautious of his intentions like you’ve only known me for a day how could you already miss me? so I just told him that I was busy today and that maybe we could hang out the next day. He agreed to it because he said his flight was leaving on Saturday so he was free all week. So basically I end up flaking on him the rest of the week and by Friday he was still asking me to hang out but by this point he was so fed up and tells me to stop beating around the bush and to tell him if I’m not interested or not. So I tell him that I am interested and that I want to see him as much as he wants to see me but I’m just busy. so then we make plans to meet up on Friday around 5:00 pm. So when Friday came I felt really anxious and nervous about what his intentions were I kept getting the feeling that he just wanted to hook up with me and be done but at the same time I felt that he genuinely liked me, because what guy continues to pursue a girl that he doesn’t even know unless he really likes her?? I just couldn’t get to the bottom of what he was trying to do and it bothered me so I lied to him and said that I went to the countryside with my family (which is 5 hours from the city that he was at) and that I couldn’t make it to the date. When I told him he was really crushed and said that I should’ve told him earlier and that he would’ve loved to come with and even offered to drive the 5 hours to come there just to see me and I started feeling bad so I lied again and said that I was coming back to the city after a couples of hours and that we could hang out at like 1-2am if he was still interested he agreed to meet me then but something happened to his friend so we finally ended up meeting up at like 4am.

So he pulls up to my friends apartment and I get in his car and we talk for awhile. One thing that I found strange was that he told how much he missed me and said that he knows I didn’t miss him, and then kisses me. I then tell him him that I missed him too which I genuinely and that he got it all wrong. We continue taking, he turns on some music then we move to the back of the car and we start making out for a while. It was very intense. He kept telling me that I was beautiful and special, and interlocking his fingers into mine and was just kissing me everywhere. I’m a virgin and I want to stay that way until I’m married so when things were getting out of hand I told him that I couldn’t go any further and he said that he understood and said that it’s good that I’m saving myself and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He basically treated me like a princess. After he asked when he was going to see me again, and I said never and the only reason why I said that was because he was leaving on a flight back home earlier that day and I didn’t know the nature of our relationship and I assumed that he wasn’t interested in a long distance relationship and I wasn’t interested in being a booty call whenever he was on vacation. After that he took me home and we casually talked on Snapchat right after, he asked for my number but I dodged the question and wished him a safe flight.

When he went back home we started snapping each other back and fourth and then he kind of left one of my messages on open so I got annoyed and started leaving his messages on open. So then we just kind of fell off and just became those people who just have each other on Snapchat. I would watch his stories and he would watch mine and then today I see that I watched my story (which was a cute video of me) and then delete me off Snapchat. I posted that video in hopes of trying to get him to respond to how I was looking but he ended up deleting me off the whole app. I was just confused as to why he would do that??


That sounds like he was pretty aggressive in pursuing. It basically sounds like he was super riled up per se and was attracted to you. Keep in mind that doesn’t necessarily mean in love with you of course. Overall I think you are justified to wonder why he is pursuing you so fast. To me this is kind of what the situation felt like.

He was basically a guy that really wanted say sex where of course he wanted to do it with someone he found attractive which was you. He is from out of state and so if he hooked up with someone then in a short term mindset he can fulfill his needs now and not have to worry about it later. So while he has access to you he tries really hard to do this which you ultimately stop him. On the flipside, if he did hookup with you then in then he could always “maintain contact” a little bit through things like the snapchat afterwards to not make it look like he completely used your for sex initially. If it happens to develop into something more then he would be open to it.

Now because you each started to leave each the hanging with the message at times it makes perfect sense why he would just delete you because you were essentially just an “option” for the most part in his mind. If he was truly in love with you he would take his time for example. If you really wanted him back in this scenario still I would imagine a practical way is to literally just e-mail, phone or text him as you express how you wanted to share/ask him something but couldn’t on snapchat since it seems like he deleted you.

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  • GracieMae13 March 18, 2023

    The same thing happened to me. Said the same thing. But not gonna lie im a woman who keep up with my looks by dressing up nice, working out and not to brag im somewhat like a dream girl by looks, career and character. But then his intentions are so clear to me his a playboy. Worse is that he asked me to move in but i have a job 10hrs from where truly lives. The point is Physical affection is like their language.
    He did unfriended me too on snapchat but before that happened he was all sweet and caring like you will feel like you’re special. So the next day he watched my stories and mid of the day i was surprised when he removed me.
    Sex is like I see we have in common about this pieces guys. They tend to do anything just to get you but if they feel they wont have it yes they move on.
    Im sorry it happened to you but for some reason you were also reading him right, the red flags were there. You enjoyed his company and he was using it to get into you.
    I know it hurts but deal with it. Never be an option for anyone. When you value yourself more then they can see youre someone they cant just mess with.

    We all go through hard times. Be strong and never let anyone bail out on u.

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