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Pisces Man in my Life

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Hello, 6 years ago I left my Pisces Man Lover who helped me financially and always fulfilled my intimate desire, listen to me, made me feel at peace never complained, I fell in love with him and he was always there for me. Well, he was not in a position to fully commit because of his life style I guess and I needed him to make a commitment. I left him to be with a guy who made a serious commitment to me.

Unfortunately, after being with the new man for six years, that relationship was not growing and became stressful. 3 months ago we decided to go our separate ways. Now I am single and I enjoy my freedom. I want my Pisces Man back in my life even if its only being in a platonic relationship. He said he never knew I was serious about a commitment because I was a big flirt.

Recently, he gave me his phone number but he never answers my calls or text. We live very close to one another and he only looks at me if he is outsude and will not say much of anything. He ask about my ex and I try to convince him my ex is no longer in my life. Very confused, Did I loose him for ever?


There is a huge gap of information here that I don’t really understand in terms his lifestyle since you left him. You mentioned it has been six years as an example and I would assume something must have happened for him too during those times that may have adjusted his personality and lifestyle.

Generally speaking I would assume he is associating with you out of politeness at this point. If I am understanding correctly you mentioned that he pretty much supported you in every way for you to then cut him out of your life because for whatever reason he didn’t want to commit romantically with you yet. That in itself is confusing to me as to why would you two just eliminate contact with each other if he helped you that much in life? I would assume in a mutually positive relationship you would want to give back per se. Then again, I don’t understand the full backstory like what you provided for him.

Because right now if I was him personally based on what you wrote I would kind of have that reservation that you are just using me in a sense as history says you only want to be around me when you need something. Example, was there a time he actually needed help which you didn’t follow through with? This kind of stuff would all play a role into him not being very attentive to you.

When he asks about your ex what is the context of that question? While it can mean many things, thinking for myself and the scenario you gave me I would be asking this not because of concern that you are say still in love with him. Instead, I would be asking this because I want to learn about you and your true character. Because before it’s like he had this vision of you only for you to then crush it. Therefore, it’s like starting from square one about learning exactly who you are and what your motivations in doing things are.

I am only assuming here of course, but it would make sense to me on why he isn’t attentive to you as you haven’t demonstrated anything in any way thus far that you actually care for him as a person per se regardless if you get anything out of it. Speaking for myself that is a very common reason why a person like me would be inclined to say ignore a person.

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