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Pisces Man Is Afraid I Think??!!

Ella Asks:

Hello… I have an affaire with a pisces man for about 3-4 month. He chased me for 5 month until I finally agreed to have a date with him. He told me that he knew me since he was 12 years old and he always had a crush on me and never expected to date me (he is 22 now).

At first we saw eachother like every second day and I once mentioned that it already feels like a relationship. After that statement he changed completely. Status quo we see eachother every 2-3 weeks and it’s still beautiful but he tries to have less contact somehow. He asked me not to fall in love with him like all the girls before me because he doesn’t want to hurt me and at the same day he told me that he’s not sure if this is only an affaire or if he wants a relationship with me.

At the same time he says that I belong to him and we are exclusive. We met last week and it was great. He stares at me all the time and tells me that I’m beautiful and for me it feels as if it’s a sure thing in his mind but he doesn’t want to see me too often. I don’t know why… he suddenly took a step back because we were too close somehow.

I have no idea what to think 🙁


My personal thought is that you are being used in almost every way physically and emotionally. Action speaks louder than words. At this point, it feels like you may be hoping too much that he will turn into your ideal partner because there are aspects of him that you admire. Example, based on what you wrote it could be the notion of feeling wanted as it seems like he planted that idea in your head as a way to get you.

If you think about it too, it’s almost like he portrays himself like a bad drug telling you to stay away as a way to sound nice but in reality he knows that getting you to drink/take bits of it will get you addicted. Don’t get addicted to the notion of being wanted by someone else I say. Especially if there is an affair going on here as it must be affecting other people as well.

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