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Pisces Man With Multiple Sclerosis

Elena Asks

Hi there Alan,

Libra women here. Really need your advice. Had a 3 years relationship with a pisces man. Started as open because i was hurt from another rel and it was best to not start serious things and got wunded. Six months later i could get out with my old friends including my ex and invited my pisces man along. Than the evil story started. Pisces man become jealous, suspicious and acted distant. He came to confess me he has a disease Multiple Sclerosis and that is the reason he wanted an open relationship for start. He had another two before me.

One for 4 years ended when the girl put pressure to have kids and familly, the other one could not get confort with his desease. I choose him with the desease and all. But his jealosy was incredible. One year later a got pregnant and started a war against me that i did it in purpose. I allready have a 14 years old son and yes i always wanted another kid. Four months we battled and argued about my intentions and in the end to show him i care i ended in abortion. After that he changed alot. If before we had been talked about love and our feelings and what we both feel and how amazing chrmistry and quality time we spend, in the last year he is always using his desease as reason to not become close. We meet eachother 3 4 per week and go to events together but only with my family.

He oscilated between periods of being only us and times with us and our friends. Broke the hell out of me with his female friends that mean nothing more, with tinder girls that he only chata with. Anyway is like a discovered a whole other man. No more talks and beliefs in true love. He keeps his opinion about him being faithful and loial and valuing our intimacy. Until 3 weeks ago when we got in a fight because i lost my job and he went out with friends and i said he should support me like i did for him.

Always borrow him money, taking care when he was ill, cook for him, buying clothes, helping him with his new house, paying vacations, trips, concerts because he is alwasy low in budget.Forgot to mention he is 35 years old. So, after this fight he ended the relationship and he only wants us to be friends. After only one week he was with his friends out and a nee girl( one of the female friends) and i feel like going and expose him in front of them for all he did and a liar he is.
What do you advice me to do?
What should i expect from him from now on?
Thank yoy very much for opening this topic about pisces man+


Oh my goodness what a crazy story I must say. From what you wrote it feels like he was plain using you. It’s seems like the scenario where when someone wants something from you and you give it to them they will be like your best friend. As soon as you lose the ability to give them those things they will act as if they never knew you.

To me it makes perfect sense as well where while his multiple sclerosis may be true and all it comes across as an excuse many times for him not to commit to being the best for you per se while avoiding any type of commitment that you can hold him accountable to. It’s no surprise with what you wrote in that sense too where when you lost your job he pretty much just threw you away like nothing.

Just as a contrast, if it was me that had some kind of life impairing disease and a person like yourself was actually caring for me there is no way I would react that way to that pregnancy. If I was to be upset it would be because I don’t know if you would be able to take care of everything as that disease of mine would hinder me from being the best for everyone. But with what you wrote with the way he reacted it seems like it was more about him getting tied down to you. Huge difference in mentality and would make sense with everything else.

Generally speaking the guy that left you when you were at your lowest of lows was the same guy all along. He was just putting on an act to get the stuff he wanted in my view. As to what you should do I would imagine you are going through a ton of hurt where as you mentioned you probably want everyone to know what he did to you in a sense. Is that the best route to go? Only you can decide of course. My personal opinion is if you feel you truly have all the facts and you are doing it more to educate everyone as opposed to a form of spite per se then it could be a logical thing to do.

Because at this point I would imagine this isn’t the first time he has done something like this. He probably did his best to set up the situation so that when he leaves this will be more of a your word against his. I hope first and foremost you have the proper people around you to in a sense “grief to” for a lack of a better word to know that you aren’t alone. Again, I wouldn’t do anything out of spite. Because what’s worst would be that you obsess all your time and energy in exposing him just to have him still take up your time and spirit per se when you could be focused on more positive things in the world.

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