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Hi Alan, I’m not sure what to make of a Pisces man. We met through a friend and since then I’ve essentially become part of their circle of friends. He had a girlfriend when we met and she for some reason never liked me and ignored me when we were at social gatherings, despite this I was always nice to her. He ended up coming to my work (to pick something up) and went on to tell me that he broke up with her and how things weren’t working out.

I thought it was a little strange that he would talk to me of all people about it, but I gave him my sympathies, etc. He hasn’t had a girlfriend since then (but has mentioned to me offhand about going out on a date with another, which I wished him luck with) and in that time we’ve gotten to know each other better in our social group and we tend to joke around a lot (have an ongoing DDR competition against each other and constantly tease each other either on social media or when we all catch up – he made a comment to one of our friends jokingly about how we have a love/hate relationship with one another) and always calls me by a nickname that one of the group members gave me (which everyone else has long since stopped calling me.)

I feel instinctively drawn to him but in saying that he has openly flirted with a girl in front of me and has never mentioned anything about being more than friends. I’m not very good at picking up signals in general (I’m more straightforward and uncomplicated) and am assuming that flirting with another meant he sees me as just a friend. In any case, I don’t want to make it awkward between us as I really enjoy his company and don’t want to ruin the friendship we have.

Hi Alan, sorry for the second email but I thought I would add to my previous message. When I mentioned earlier that the Pisces in question came to my work and told me about his relationship breakup I felt it was odd as we hadn’t really interacted much with each other up until that point and he seemed to linger around, telling me bits and pieces about the break up without me asking (I generally steer clear of these things as I don’t like to obtrude into people’s personal lives) and asking me about my work (I work in a creative based industry) etc.

He told me about the date he was going on when I was trying to organise a group outing and when I wished him good luck and joked about everyone hating me because people were bailing he replied saying don’t worry I still like you. Another thing that surprised me was when he heard about a minor condition I have (literally one of least threatening medical things on the planet haha) he hugged me and told me how sorry he was and he looked so upset which surprised me a lot.

I thanked him and laughed it off saying that there are far worse things in the world, but told him that I was grateful he cared so much and that it was kind of him. I know compassion and taking on other people’s pain is generally considered a Pisces thing. (Also, I’m a Leo by the way – don’t know if that adds anything to the equation at all.)

I was in a pretty (verbally) abusive relationship before – not that I’ve told him per say, but I have seen him observing what my girlfriends have said in the past about it to each other before I’ve made them change topics. From what I’ve been told he seems to constantly have new girlfriends (until now) and in comparison I’m not the type of girl that’s ever been interested in casual or superficial relationships. Feel free to mix this in with the previous email I sent haha 🙂 thanks again!


Based on what you wrote the most straight forward answer I would say is that he is attracted to you. The part where you mentioned that he told you he was going on a date with a person and you telling him in a sense “good luck” is like him passively asking you out only for you to continually walk straight without noticing him. Emotionally it would be equivalent to you wanting to ask a guy out to an event but you are too scared to ask directly. So what you do is buy two tickets and then strike up a conversation with him on how you just happen to have a spare as your way of asking him out. Then imagine him saying “Oh, hope you find someone.” I guess you can say “ouch” by most people’s standards.

In that sense everything makes sense to me and seems “normal” I guess you can say for that type of approach. This might sound silly and is only my opinion with what you wrote as I can’t see the guy’s body language and all, but the part of you saying you having a minor medical condition and all with him being super upset and hugging you made me think it wasn’t solely for compassion. To me it sounded like an excuse to hug you, so to speak, because of the attraction he has with you. That makes more sense with everything you wrote including how you say he flirts with others a lot.

With that said what you want to do with that knowledge is up to you of course. Like saying you can entertain his advances or just plain shut it down depending on what exactly you want out of this.

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