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Lynn Asks

I was dating a Pisces man for about a year and I said some mean things often out of anger. He took me back every time, but the last time he’s not trying to hear anything I have to say. How do I win him back?


Just speaking from personal experience, I have often mentioned to people that if I feel the other person intentionally/maliciously tried to do something bad to me or a person I know then I treat them like the plague. For myself in these cases, the only way you can potentially turn things around is with your consistent actions in life.

Example, saying sorry isn’t good enough. Going to one charity event isn’t good enough. I would have to see consistent positive actions from you that come from impartial sources. This is very hard to “fake” as an example. Everyone is different of course. But if the person is like me in terms of just cutting people off then most likely he has a similar train of thought.

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