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How I Pisces woman can approach a guy

Evangeline Asks:

Hello I am a Pisces woman and I would like to know how o can approach a guy…well we have already talk almost everyday but it was always him that started the conversation and because I am a little bit shy I couldn’t ask him question about himself while he did ask me and now I finally find the courage (after some talk with my sister) to an him about himself…so I just wanted to know how I could start the conversation and if I am doing a good job because I really like hearing your point of view


If he is asking you questions then that is the sign to jump in and start engaging. I am not really sure of the history between you two as that should create some themes and interest to talk about. I think the easiest question is to ask him if he heard about a product or event you know he is interested in. Example, if he is into music then ask about one’s opinion of a new album or maybe there was news about a local event. That’s actually way more meaningful too I feel to get him to open up as opposed to things like “How was your day” routine. You are solving multiple things in one that way too because one you are showing interest in him and your knowledge of the topic shows genuine interest in things he can relate to. Of course in my opinion the best route is still the event inviting routine.

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