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Ta’Osha Asks:

Ok so my ex and I I thinK we are over I don’t want us to be though, I miss him so much before he disappeared he said “I love u” and after that he haven’t talked to me. I use to be mean to him because I thought he was always lying to me. He wanted to get my name on his neck but I laughed and was like “no don’t do that” and he was like “WHY?” I just miss him it’s a lot that went on but I don’t feel like writing it, I just want to now will he be back to me, because I love him & I miss him sooooo much.


Unfortunately there isn’t really much to analyze with what you wrote. It’s almost like saying you have a pain in your arm and wanting to know if it will get better. Like there one can’t really analyze much without any details. All really one can so is “maybe” as a result.

The only thing I can really gather with what you wrote is that you have been mean-spirited to him in a sense multiple times. Ultimately that comes down to proving you changed without him having to ask you to. As well, not purposely doing stuff say in front of him to try and “show” that you changed that that would usually come across as “fake” due to the history.

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