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Where do I start? First I should disclose that I am currently in a relationship of about two years, Things have been rocky and the last six months I have not felt the same or myself. My boyfriend is a Leo and I am a Cancer… I’ve never taken to astrology but have recently been digging deep into the signs since I have developed a serious crush on a friend, who is a Pisces. I have learned that the Leo Cancer combination is a very tricky one and I completely agree.

My pisces friend is good friends with my boyfriend and with the rest of our group for a little over a year now, and since we have met things have been distant for us, not really connecting personally or outside of our hangouts. I realized I had an attraction to him and would enjoy when he was around but nothing more. Within the last six months I have gotten to know him better and on an emotional level I have realized how caring and genuine he really is, as he has opened up a lot since our first few months of hanging out. I found myself becoming jealous when other girls were around him or he mentioned a past love, and how displeased I had become with my own thoughts and actions within my relationship.

I am certain that I will be ending my relationship whether I am looking for a new partner or not, and am a bit dense to catching on to whether someone truly is interested in me or not.

They say that eyes are Pisces windows to how they really feel and If I could capture his gaze and show someone I am certain they would agree that there is something behind them. He often looks to me after cracking a joke or laughing from something someone said or has showed the group, I notice he dosen’t look to our other friends as often as he looks to me, especially when he is smiling. Too often I have caught him gazing at me and not just some friendly gaze, it certainly lingers and holds a heavy energy behind it. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye I catch him laughing and looking to me but I ignore him to see what happenes and he returns his gaze a few times until giving up about it. He has never really approached me personally and we have never hung out alone together, I feel if we ever did things would get very intense. There have been a few times where we were left alone together and we have always talked gently to each other or flirted mildly but every time things felt way more intense than normal, though I am not sure if that is just me becoming infatuated.

Recently we have been using a phone app to chat though it is not everyday, he is very responsive to things I send to him and answers with honesty, just the other day I decided to really try to have a deep conversation about things going on in his life, things he has done and what he likes, I received a lot of information and am certain no one would just share those things so openly and with such haste if they were not interested in talking with me.

This is tricky because of our situation and maybe I am fueling my own fire. I don’t want to upset any balance between us by asking him if he has any feelings for me. He will not openly engage in flirtatious acts with me in front of any of our friends or my boyfriend so I am wondering what I can do to subconsciously pick up those signals or test the water?


In my personal view in regards to the topic of gazing the key is to see if the person is gazing at you or what you are doing. If a person like myself is focused on what you are doing then that is a sign you are in a sense being evaluated. For example, if you just did something and I was staring at you laughing it’s not necessarily a sign of romantic interest but rather a way to analyze your character.

If you say he is telling you all these things about his life with his likes then that is essentially your way to test the waters I say. A person like myself often just puts things out there and from there I kind of just let things happen. Example, if he says he really likes jogging then thinking of a way to help or participate with him is the simple way to test him and his view of you. If he flat out rejects your offer or deed with no alternative then that is a sign that he isn’t really interested in you.

If he told you he is injured then like there it’s your choice to offer him aid or not but that is essentially your invitation to do something if you wish. How he reacts to that gesture says a lot. There is nothing really intrusive or awkward in these examples too. It’s just a matter of doing something with the information he has provided you with about him.

Just a general note too I hope you are truly certain that you aren’t going towards him because of your troubles with your current relationship. That’s never a good idea I think if it is an emotional situation.

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