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You seem more mature than most people in general, but I have a question that maybe you can make sense of for me

Jane Asks:

I’ve been talking to a Pisces guy March 12 on FB . We’ve known each other a few years but nothing about each other just know the other exists. He’s been over to my house a few times but nothing Hapoened nothing at all really just a little talk and we both seemingly are the type to not be very intriguing or conversation starting. So we had a hard time figuring out what to say or do. Okay this is really embasssing now that I’m typing it out, but whatever.

Online he keeps talking to me about me sending him pictures and stuff, I never do and I know it seems pretty obvious that he just wants the damn pictures. I mean he doesn’t ask me any questions really. I am a believer of the ‘don’t respond right away and they’ll know you don’t need them and you have your own life so they’ll want to get to know you more’ thing.

Don’t know if it’s effective but it seems to work with him for a while. Then he didn’t talk to me for a while. For us a while would be like 20 days, maybe almost a month, not sure exactly. I messaged him the other day and said “hi” he said “hi lets go on a date!” Iknow you said that you aren’t usually the one to make the initiative to going further. I’ve read Pisces are honest and just like when others are too. Do you think him being upfront is being honest or he’s just fucking with me?

Now my question is do you think he is
A) just trying to see if I will jump to and say yes so he can make fun of me
B) maybe really wants to but thinks I’m easy; just wants to have sex and nothing else
C) is interested , possibly after not talking for a while.
Or maybe none and whatever you are thinking is what I’d like to know.I know I this sounds so pointless like I should know where it’s going. But I just have is obsession , I guess fantasy and I want to try it out. Idk. I’m just kind of stuck in him maybe because he seems interesting because of the mystery. Maybe I’m just putting myself down. Thanks for your time! Btw what’s your birthday?
How should I be responding to this person?


One main point I don’t really understand which plays some context into this is why do you feel he would do this to “make fun of you” as you say? You haven’t written anything that implies he would do so or that there is anything to make fun of. Saying that you are not very intriguing too implies to me that you are being harsh on yourself for whatever reason.

My personal interpretation with what you wrote would be none of the above with those three choices. To me I see it as he was super interested in getting to know you. I am inclined to say asking you for pictures and such is not because he just wants pictures but rather that’s the only thing he can think of it seems to in a sense continue the conversation to grow the relationship. So when you “reject” him then he kind of gave up eventually. However, that interest was still there. So the second you contact him back it’s like that ray of hope is back and he is jumping at the opportunity. Very similar to say you thinking tomorrow was going to be a wet and rainy day where you can’t do anything only to then see it’s a bright and sunny day.

For me personally playing that hard to get or you don’t need them route is counterproductive. The way I would see it too personally outside of say from my own personality perspective I would imagine you want someone who cares and loves you for who you are. So if you are using tactics to try and in a sense manipulate the person to see you as someone you are not then in the long-term isn’t that just going to create an inauthentic relationship where once they see the real you per se both of you are going to wonder why things are so different? Just some thoughts of course.

If I were you and your main concern is intent at the moment such as whether or not he just wants sex from you I would personally say the simplest approach is give him the opportunity to spend time with you and learn about him. For example, is he genuinely curious about learning about you as a person and what makes you happy? Does he just talk about himself all day while asking you to always do things that seem to only benefit him? Or you can be more analytical can see if his values are consistent as for the most part they should.

Like an example would be just out of exaggeration if he treats you super well such as praising you and giving you gifts like no tomorrow you would think that is great. But if you see that in another aspect of his life he is purposely stealing and treating another person really bad then odds are that is the real person you are dealing with. You never know though unless you give it a chance and you can fully do it in a controlled way as long as you are confident and know what you want. Even something as simple as doing something competitive with the person and seeing how they react when they lose shows so much character as an example. Treat it more as like you are learning about a potential new friend I say. Take the “relationship” pressure out of it at the moment.

For my birthday it is technically next week. 🙂

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