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Signs A Pisces Man Doesn’t Like A Woman

Phoebe Asks:

Hi there, I came across your blog and read some of your articles. But I didn’t quite get an answer out of my question so I post one myself.

I see that Pisces men seemed to be friendly and sociable and they sort of ‘like’ every ladies they know. I wanted to know what things to look out for if a Pisces man doesn’t like a woman? Not in the sense of hate or dislike but as in no romantic interest in that specific person.

I see many descriptions on forums that says Pisces man don’t seem to ‘reject’ women advances even though he doesn’t even like her back and the worse thing is he actually knows that person likes him! Isn’t it indirectly leading a person on? I know you might say if that woman is not expressing her feelings out how are they suppose to reject or it may makes things awkward etc.

But I really hope you can share with us what are the things that conclude he only want to be friends and nothing else more and what’s a Pisces man way of hinting women that he is not interested. I think this might save some heart breaks for ladies who fall for Pisceans.


Generally speaking, it still comes down to the level of engagement. Example, no real follow ups to your questions or trying to extend the conversation in wanting to learn more about you. I would then add factors like physical flirtation as I personally don’t do that if I have zero romantic interest in a person. Your point is kind of correct where even with me I wouldn’t necessarily “reject” a women’s advances in the traditional sense even if I think she likes me. Then again, I don’t exactly respond/entertain it either where a lot of people take that as a not interested sign as well. Since we want more of a “romantic” interest explanation as opposed to just a “like” here’s a real life example.

For me, one deal killer in terms of a romantic relationship is if the woman smokes. There was one situation where a woman was in the same event as me and she mentioned how she was going to go for a smoke. Then for some reason she specifically looked at me to express how everyone in this city doesn’t smoke in a laughing/stuttering way. Now beforehand my intuition was saying she liked me based on things like the way she stared. Therefore, with the way she made that cigarette comment it’s like a way of asking me “Hey, I smoke cigarettes. Are you okay with that in a girl when it comes to a relationship?”

I simply responded by saying I’m not sure what she was talking about as almost every corner I turn there is someone who smokes. As time went on it felt like she was trying to get closer to me. Walking with me after the day was done, suggesting me to go to various places that she went to, etc. I related with her on a lot of things due to us being in the same industry and such. So in that sense I “liked” her. But the smoking habit kills the romance part for me.

If you think about it, there is no real answer straight from the mouth to confirm about my intuition about her wanting to push the relationship forward and so it would be silly and uncomfortable for everyone to just say “Hey, I see what it is going on and it won’t work out.” As a person I thought she was cool. So what option is there really to do from my point of view if you think about it? Like here, I would still most likely go to events with her and such as a friend despite me feeling there is no romantic chance.

The only real way to tell in a nice and potentially non-confrontational way I feel is if you know that you are one of those people who they feel are in their authentic zone where they should be willing to open up about their life with you. Ask people like me questions such as how I see my future or the types of qualities I am looking for in a person. It should be really clear after based on my answers if you yourself have those traits. Like here, if she literally asked me a question like “Since you don’t smoke could you ever see yourself being with a women that does?” My answer would clearly be a no and that should pretty much give you the answer you are looking for.

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