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The Notion of Being Susceptible To Drugs And Alcohol

I was reading this article today that talked about how a Pisces person is suppose to be a dreamer of sort while being one that always wants to escape reality when the going gets tough. Therefore, apparently people born within my birth date range are supposed to be more susceptible to taking drugs or being an alcoholic.

Speaking for myself, I found this kind of interesting as I am one of those rare guys that have avoided a lot of the bad things that you usually pick up as a teenager or young adult. Example, I hate cigarettes and never smoked in my life. I think drugs are stupid and don’t see the point in partaking in something that harms you personally and financially. As well, I actually never drank a beer in my life and usually have a lot of fun when so many people try to get me to drink one.

What exactly is my “escape” then? Well, like a lot of people I partake in hobbies that interest me and I enjoy life where everyday I am inspired to want to learn something new. Interacting with people in general is a great way to not only learn but at the same it helps to keep your mind busy. I find that I learn more about myself too this way.

One thing that I do agree with in general that people who usually want to deal with stress in a quick fix way are definitely more prone to substance abuse as an escape. At the same time, I think the key thing is that it comes down to the person’s need to impress others. That is the real sign to determining how prone a person is to substance abuse I’d say as they usually start from some kind of social pressure and influence.

You know, the more I think about it that is a big factor on why the super quiet people are the hardest to get to know. Stereotypically you could say they just sound like a person that is trapped in their own little world within their niche. Another way of thinking about it is maybe they just don’t want to get involved with things that they feel is not healthy or wise for them in the long run.

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  • shell August 6, 2010

    well i would love to leave a comment about the whole “using substances to escape” deal.
    i myself smoke maryjuana, and have been doing so since i was 14. i dont use it all the time, expecially now a days since i have a daughter, but i dont feel like its a form of escapism.
    i understand that some people do use it to change their perception of life, but i do it cause its fun being under the influence. its not for everyone, and i dont care now a days if someone has tried it or not, but i believe that if no harm is done, and the user does not abuse the substance, then leave um alone.
    why being a pisces, one who is prone to dreams and fantasies, makes me more gullible to drugs and alcohol, is a complete crock of shit. its just some dumb astrology notion that doesnt hit home, and the astrological community should be slapped for such negative pisces propaganda…

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