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This Kiki T Astrosexologist Video About Pisces

So I received some requests to comment about this video where apparently an “Astrosexologist” was giving her views on what a pisces is all about. This is apparently a very old video too that was on that Tyra Banks show which I don’t think is showing anymore. You can see it here:

Like I always say too, in general I personally believe it is more about one’s life experiences that make people the way they are as opposed to one single trait that will create an end-all label for everyone. So after watching the video I don’t know if anyone else noticed it but she seemed to be extremely bias about herself when asked about things such as what “sign” is more loyal.

One thing that I thought was kind of humorous was how she mentioned that people born under a pisces month are more prone to cheating in a relationship. Thinking how she mentioned that she is a scorpio, the first thing I thought of was I remember in school for example there was this one girl that slept with so many guys and she was a scorpio. With that am I supposed to give a blanket statement that all scorpios are like that? Like that I would be more focused on her upbringing on why she is like that.

What makes me a little uneasy in this video is how people asked things like “Is he cheating on me?” and all she did was give generalizing statements such as “He can cheat with them because he doesn’t love them as much as he loves you” as opposed to asking questions and putting together facts to try and see what it is for that situation. I guess that would be my biggest criticism of this video and Kiki’s attempt to try and describe a person born under a pisces sign, so to speak. Then again, maybe this was done purely for entertainment.

Interesting video nonetheless that you guys found. Feel free to let me know if there are other ones like this that you would like me throw my two cents on as I am sure there are a ton of material like this out there. On a side note, is this “ Astrosexologist” stuff an actual profession or is it just a term this person created to market herself as a brand?


  • annedreshfield July 2, 2012

    Welcome to the Livefyre community, guys! Feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions for us. We’d be happy to help! 

  • zamarud July 20, 2012

    Interesting video, i liked what she said about Virgo, scorpio, leo ,aquarius and taurus.. but yes Alan i agree with u with her being too biased and superficial indescribing or pointing out Pisces being ‘easy’ and major Flirts..no they are definitely not. in my View Pisces and gemini are just too polite people, who cant say no to others..But inside they r firm and loyal. they always know where their true heart and feelings lie with… so i dont agree with Tyra Or Kiki in this video..

  • Flower January 3, 2016

    Alan I just noticed that I commented on your this post 4 years back with name of ‘Zamarud’ above… That was the first time that I noticed your site and started reading your posts. I’m so glad that i did ?

  • Alan January 3, 2016

    Wow, you truly are a longtime follower then. 😀 And what you are saying essentially too is that for over three years since you have visited I never remembered your anniversary date? Err, I have a valid excuse for it since I literally didn’t know. lol. Happy belated anniversary. Don’t scold me please……

  • Veena April 7, 2017

    Just seeing this video…interesting one! I follow astrology too, but I only use it as a skeletal to understand traits and characteristics of a person who I am interested in. Having said that, I agree with you on the point that the true character of a person lies in their upbringing and my 2 cents – peer groups like friends, colleagues etc also play a big role as well in shaping personalities. I also know a girl who is a scorpio and cheated on her boy friend several times…but was honest to let him know after every act and that relationship ended when she found him cheating on her…
    Astrologically speaking I believe even the moon sign has a role to play for eg. my sun sign is a capricorn and moon is in pisces so I display traits and characteristics from both…I’ve heard my mom and some other people tell me several times when I display a particular trait that a capricorn wouldn’t display that trait and that it must be a piscean side of me…so in the above example maybe her moon is in a “lurable” zodiac that is causing her to behave this way with of course combined with her upbringing and friends that form her “influence world”
    In essence, I believe the permutation and combination to determine the reason or nature to someone’s behavior is unique and needs a deeper assessment than just looking at it astrologically.

  • Veena April 7, 2017

    sorry please read “…and that it must be a piscean side of me…” as “…and that it is a typical piscean trait…”

  • Heart broken sagittarian May 27, 2018


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