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This Pisces Is Literally Driving Me Crazy!

Naomi Asks:

Hi! I don’t normally do things like this but I need some kind of advice. I am a fairly typical Aquarius woman and I met this amazing Pisces man on a dating app a few months ago. We immediately hit it off and decided to meet up after only a few days of online chatting. Right before this first encounter I got extremely nervous and almost bailed (I tried to reschedule) but he was very adamant that I had nothing to be nervous about and he would make me feel comfortable and we would just grab a bite to eat no pressure.

That night was amazing, great food, great conversation and at the end he invited me back to his place for wine. The next day he initiated texting first and was very sweet and even went so far to tell me that he hadn’t had a connection like that in a while. Awesome right?!! Well my dumb butt admitted to him that I felt I dominated after seeing his place and finding out more about him (he’s a self made multi millionaire) He once again was very sweet and told me I had nothing to worry about. We’ve gone out almost every weekend since then and stay at his place and we have some of the most incredible sex I’ve ever experienced in my life.

But here’s the odd thing, he hardly ever texts me anymore. I always have to initiate and most times I do not get a response. I know he’s a busy man but I still find it odd. But when we are together he’s amazing, a true gentlemen, very loving, open and real. I even met his father last week and we all spent the weekend together. I just don’t understand how together everything is great but apart he almost treats me like I don’t exist. I’m sure there’s so much more I’m leaving out but I was wondering how do I know without asking if there’s more to this relationship than friends with benefits?


My initial response would be that he feels he has done enough to win you where he doesn’t need to really try as hard anymore. A straight forward example would be like a couple getting married where the person doesn’t care about hygiene or having to look good for their partner anymore as they feel they already have them. As well, many times early on in a relationship people feel the need to put their best side forward to impress. Once they feel they have accomplished that you start to see their genuine character in an organic way.

It’s hard to say specifically with what you wrote on whether or not he sees you more than just a comforting physical partner per se. The best way I feel to find out if there is something more is to find ways that you could reasonably fit more of your everyday life together and see his reaction to that. Example, if you were both writers then suggesting that it would be great to write and publish a book together should be something that he would love to potentially do as it means getting to spend more time together. If he is extremely apprehensive or dismissive about it then it would make me wonder.

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