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True connection and love

Nic Asks:

Hello. I have a little story with a Pisces man. For some reasons, we know we cannot be together in this life. I love him, and I have a strong gut feeling he loves me too. But we have things in life that we need to tend to. I have never thought true love was possible until he came into my life back then. How did this kind of thing happen, there was something special in us, we talk by looking at each other, at a soul level.

It is like we basically feel each other even though we may be miles apart. I can feel him in an upset or at an estactic mood even over mails exchange. Many years have passed… while there are days where I can’t feel his presence, I will mail him and ask about his life, and he responded back to me even if it may just be a simple hello. He is a freelance writer and hold a stable job. So if I missed him I will read his latest writings and life updates and somehow I could relate it to myself.

Did I inspire him like how he did to me? It is something I cannot explain, but I hope I am not a loony if you read this question from me. You may also tell me to ask him straight out whether does he feels the same way too but then I do not want to burst this little fantasy of mine. I don’t know if this is anywhere linked to a horoscope in Pisces but I feel like trying out to ask a question about this and might have some good to know outcome. Does this Pisces man live for true love and do they love this way like me too? That involves no possesions, no expectations, not being physically around, just wishing the other half is living healthy and happy unconditionally?


If you two didn’t break up in a bad way then I would imagine it’s natural for anyone to like to know that the other is doing well. Your question is a little complex in the sense that part of it is more “spiritual” in the sense and the other half is more realistic. Very generally speaking for myself, virtually everyone that I meet who in some way introduces some kind of positivity in my life makes me feel the way you described. Because for me, it’s all about the connection for the most part when it comes to people. “Knowing” that the person is “there with me” means a lot.

At the same time, I would say realistically we all need that physical connection as well. As an example, I don’t think I would be able to go through life with you as my wife where the circumstance is literally from day one when we are married we will never physically see or touch each other as we are just relying on this connection to be good enough. Like in the spiritual sense I can love you in all the ways you described as a person in general. Realistically though if we are talking like an intimate and deep relationship kind of love I wouldn’t want to allow either of us to essentially trap ourselves in what could be considered as a tormenting scenario emotionally. That’s where the realistic part comes in with limitations on what kind of love is given.

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