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Trying To Get Back To Posting

Sorry to everyone where as evident I haven’t been able to reply in quite some time. A lot of things have been happening that has been restricting my time and most importantly it seemed like someone took an extreme interest in this site in terms of flooding it with things such as spam messages and other things that has required some maintenance to clean things up. I apologize where as a result I may have lost some questions if you sent one in around this time. It makes me wonder too why my tiny site here garnered that kind of attention.

I was thinking too maybe I should have a set schedule where I can try to answer questions and requests in real-time as that way it may help people to get replies faster. At this point though I would still need to find the appropriate platform to do so. Feel free to let me know too if any of the readers here have any good ideas for that. Rest assured I am still here and am trying to answer the e-mails that I have while making new post topics.

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