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Two sides of Pisces

Clara Asks:

Hi! I’ve met a great piscean man and I really enjoy talking to him. We met at language classes and then we started texting, talking. I live in a diffrent country so after I got back to my country he approached me so much. He would text my on his own day by day, ask if he could call me and I really could hear that he’s happy talking to me. Now something changed and even though we text sometimes It’s rather me who’s texting first.

He doesn’t ask about phonecall anymore. Sometimes I feel like he’s being energetic while talking to me and enjoys it but then he seems annoyed. Im getting really confused. Im not sure if I said something wrong or he’s just having a hard time. Hope you could try explain me how to understand that man because beside that moody attitude he’s such a good guy!


With the amount of information you gave me the only thing I can really lean against is that there is a possibility that he feels when you two are say interacting together that it’s more for you. As time passed by the hope is things would go in a certain direction, so to speak, which could range with actions such as ways to reinvigorate him but for whatever reason your actions aren’t connecting.

That kind of scenario would make sense to me as to him not pursuing things as much as before and such. That’s something for you to think about and whether or not you can think of times where he say specifically mentioned about say life challenges or goals and whether or not you in some way made things better or not in a productive way.

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