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I Walk Away from My Pisces

Chante Asks:

Hi I walked aeay from my pisces male for cheating. He felt kike his back was up agsinst a wall, when being questioned. He then went silent childlike watching the tv. I turned it off he flipped into a rage, which lead to him calling the police (for not reason) apart from not wanting to answer the questions and asked me to leave instead. When ge called the police i started laughing as was in shock. I picked up my bits attempted to leave and he shoved ne from behind, then assaulted me. I put my bails in his face self defence it wasnt nice the whole situation especially as we never argued throughtout oyr two years together. He woyld sulk ir for coyoke days no call or i will act like his not there but nothing as above.He pressed charges on ke for criminal damage and marks on his face..this is wayi left him. It hirts because i love him so much and he said he loved me too, to the point he was pleading his love whilst i was sobering my heart out.
He started saying hia friends and family dislike ne now which i find outate lies, his brother has even invited me to his iwn party. Anyhow since me waljing away i changed my numbers etc abd he gas already started sleeping with his kids mum, who is lije fatal attraction to a nental state.. messaged him i knew about it as his icloud is connected to my ipad so saw their sexaul messages. He replied Please don’t message ne again although his friebds sY he csnnot stop talking about me etc ivw blocked him on all social media. I will alqays love him because we just bounced of obe another like 50/50 naking 100.. i miss him so kuch but seeing so nany messages to other woman abd me doing everything – i think i have had a lucky escape? Do you think ge still loves me? Wgat do you think he woukd. Everyine states how sad and withdrawn he looks to the point his smiles seem fake wgen they party etc.. i felt so broken for being am idiot believing his words .. Im Aries female


I might be reading your message wrong due to the spelling and grammar but if I am not mistaken you are saying you were in a physically abusing relationship and you are wondering if you were lucky to leave him and if he loves you? If so it’s my personal opinion that he never truly loved you as I am factoring what you said on how he was saying his family started to dislike you which wasn’t true.

In that sense I feel you were more as an emotional drug for him per se rather than love unfortunately. Are you lucky you got away? I would say yes personally. Now your real challenge is to move on I feel without having to wonder what he thinks.

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