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What about Love?

Maynard Asks:

Hey there! Your blog is cool with real details about what’s going on with a Pisces! I saw many infos about liking, being interested, stages and so on. How about love? What do they do when they fall in love! Any differences!?! I love him a good deal but I don’t know about him! He sure doesn’t vocalise out his thoughts so how can I know? Please!


I felt a few items I wrote covered this.  The most recent one that comes off the top of my head is https://piscesview.com/stages-of-pisces-man-in-love/ that talks about how a person like me will essentially want to take care of you in every aspect.  Was there something more specific you needed clarification about?  It would help me understand your confusion better and may give me an idea to write a new post about the topic in general.

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