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Hi Alan?

Well I’m new here, just made an account to ask this question.

I’m a female taurus (I’m not sure if this is necessary but I’ll put it here either way) and so there’s this guy in my class. He is a Pisces and he has been acting weird resently. By weird I mean he has been acting in the way he didn’t usually do. If I tell u the whole story it goes way back to last term when I switched over to his class (there’s reasons for that but it’s not significant for this matter). You see when I switched over to this class everyone thought he is the hottest guy in our class but I didn’t, I mean yeah I guess he looks great but not really hot I didn’t die of heart attack just by seeing him (which is what the most girls in my clas do).

But I got to know a similarity between as two that first few weeks I got to know the class and the people there I also got to know stuff about him and found out that he could speak russian which made me happy and I straight up told him that and his only respons was ‘ok’. He gave me the cold shoulder literally I felt like I was just brushed aside and so I just didn’t talk to him for a long while but resently after like one term. This pisces has started to sit closer to me, usually I sit together with my friends in classes which makes it hard for any guy to sit close to me but any time I have an empty seat beside me I know already that he is gonna take that empty seat it has almost became an habit. Then he tries to make small convos when we are sitting together or observe what I do.

But lately he started talking to me, like what I thought about this type of guy, if I liked him or not like he was really attentive cuz I had mentioned that I didnt like guys who has too much muscles for two weeks ago and he asks me that after two weeks nowadays he just asks me silly questions like for example when I was working on my project with my friend and he asks ‘are u guys working?’ even tho he sees that we are doing exactly that.

Then another weird thing he has been doing is that I catch him staring at me in classes. Sometimes I stare back and he kind of snaps out of his dream or smth and looks away after a few seconds. So I was wondering what is going on? Is this Pisces guy having a crush on me or is this his way of wanting to become friends with me?


From what you wrote it feels like he is sizing you up in the sense of trying to figure out if you are genuinely interested in him as a person per se and how much leverage he has in terms of swaying you emotionally. If he is used to getting all this attention from girls as an example then you not really caring or acting differently makes it intriguing. It’s similar to the stereotypical scenario of say the “hot person” hanging around with all these people that look “normal” or “below average” where ultimately they treat them like a person and not an object.

I wouldn’t call it a crush personally but it would appear that he is definitely trying to learn more about you. It would make sense too where because he is used to all this attention he doesn’t feel comfortable just being normal and asking things directly as he has to maintain his “status” as the cool guy I guess you can say. That would fit in line with you saying how it felt like he just didn’t care about you mentioning the Russian part. He is intrigued but doesn’t want to show it.

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