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When piscean tells I love you

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Hi I have previously asked you about confused being in a long time relation ship and getting attracted to a piscean friend. Your advice does give me a real insight to my current relationship. Thanks a lot. The piscean guy unexpectedly uttered the magical words I love you to me. In that shock I am asking he does mean what he says , right?. He always do middle school behaviour to me when in middle of friends. Every one poking him, teasing him when he see me, he just fooling around me . When alone he is very polite to me. My heart says I can trust him. But I really really don’t want my heart to broken , especially by him. I think even I am in love with him.What you think he really mean those words?


It’s kind of hard to answer if he truly means what he says as it should all be based on action which only you know. It could be he means it or it could be he is doing it out of social pressure as an example. There is no real shortcut around this in my view where you have to make a decision if you haven’t already with the existing relationship. Because to know if this guy truly means it you are going to have to in sense be with him to confirm or deny it.

Example, does he want to protect you when you are in need? Does he just do things for you without asking regardless of outside influence?

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