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Which One Will You Take Test

Here is something interesting that I personally do all the time to semi gauge a person’s manners and thoughtfulness. Imagine on the table there are two apples for you and say a friend or a loved one. One of the apple is perfect while the other one has a little scar in it. Both of them are perfectly edible though. So you get the first choice on which one to take.

I always found that this situation can tell you a lot about the person for this particular circumstance. For example, I have often found that if they leave the perfect one for the other person it is usually a good sign that the person thinks about others a lot as oppose to themselves.


  • AJ November 6, 2010

    This is funny, I do this all the time. Even to the point of e.g coffee cups. (there are two coffee cups, one is chiped the other is not) If I had a guest in my house I would always take the chipped cup. I always look to see who gives me the chipped cup!

    Or when out offering to buy people drinks etc I will always wait to see if they offer me in return. Unless They have stated they are in no position to do so, then I will offer every time I go to the bar, without any expectation of return.

  • Missy April 23, 2011

    Hi Alan, I was just wondering if you’ll put up any posts soon? I really enjoyed Reading all your posts.

  • sagGirl September 21, 2011

    I agree with Missy! I’ve been reading a lot of posts and stuff and I really love to read what you have to say.

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