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Why Is A Pisces Man So Sensitive

I was reading some literature today where it talked about how a person like me is so sensitive that even the slightest thing can rub me the wrong way to the point where I would all of a sudden think you are the most mean spirited person in the world. While I have never reacted that extreme I do have a sensitive personality personally. I have an example too which may help to better enlighten you as to why a person like myself can be so sensitive over what may seem mundane from a third party perspective.

There was a time where I randomly met a stranger as from what I read she couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to meet genuine people in the area as no one wants like meaningful connections. Ultimately, my intuition was telling me that she genuinely was having problems in finding someone who she can relate to and even from her words I was able to pick up that she obviously has no one to talk to in a deep and meaningful way. Therefore, it’s like one keeps all that life stress and disappointment bottled up to the point where they just despise life. I felt compelled to help and so I offered to meet the person and she agreed.

So I went to meet her and for the most part I was expecting to spend like thirty minutes to learn about her as it was expressed that she had something scheduled at a certain time. For the most part everything seemed to be going pretty smoothly. The both of us were genuinely interested in meeting each other and there didn’t seem to be anything awkward despite the fact that we never met each other before.

At first it kind of proceeded on how I expected. We first began to just talk about fun stuff to get to know each other. Example, I showed her some funny stuff that I did for work which seemed to lighten her up to the point where we could now talk like friends. As we were talking we were walking as well where the scenery was rather nice which helped the calmness I think. She began to talk a lot about her background story some of the things that made her sad in life.

As she was telling me her stories as usual I would try to listen to it in a way as if I was her. Usually when people tell me stories about themselves I immediately dig deep through my own life experiences for moments that would be reminiscence as to how they are feeling at that moment. Because I approach it this way it gives me the best frame of mind to understand what one is asking for at that moment in their lives and how presently she essentially wants someone to understand that. I pretty much wanted to give her a hug after listening to it all.

As time went by we actually kept talking and walking where we lost track of time. She even stated how she couldn’t believe that the time went by so fast. For perspective, there was plenty of sunlight when we started and that kind of went away after. She was even expressing how she felt she talked a lot at times in a way where I guess she was unsure if I was annoyed with that or not. However, to me I expressed how I am a listener and so it really is something that is natural for me.

As we walked back she then started to tell me about some of her ambitions in life that she never got around to doing and that she already had a title and all for it. So out of curiosity I asked her what the title of her project would be. Now here was the big shift in terms of how my sensitivity kind of just got beaten up in a sense. She first told me that she couldn’t tell me. I then asked why as for me anyways it was just a way to listen to her more to better understand her as a person and what she was passionate about. She told me she didn’t want to tell me as I could steal her idea.

The first thing that rushed across my mind was for what she was doing a name doesn’t really tell you much in context for someone to steal your work or idea. Example, if I told you I wanted to make a store and the name was “Amazon” that doesn’t exactly say much. The second thing that I started to reflect upon is how her implying that I would “steal” her idea is like an un-appreciation as to how much of myself I was opening up to her and her story to in a sense affect me too which gives me the ability to listen and understand on a deep level. Hence, it’s a key reason why a person like me can say listen to a person talk for like eight hours whereas another person would go crazy or fall asleep.

Now a part of my mind did say too that “Hey, the person probably just means it from a pure business perspective mindset and not you personally.” The trouble here though is that it puts me in a situation to think where if one meant it in a professional way then they would have answered it as one too. As an example, instead of saying “You can steal my idea” something such as “I’d rather not say as I prefer to just keep ideas and non-public work entirely to myself first” would at least be a general comment. And just to make sure she did specifically mean me as a person who could steal from her she started to say things such as how I was in a “kind of similar” field to further justify that fear.

So ultimately, the impression and thought I was left with at the end of the meeting is that this person cares more about themselves. I often like to believe that whoever I am helping or opening up to kind of has a similar sense of compassion and values. So in this case, the ideal scenario would have been she would have actually thought careful about what she said as if the situation was reversed I know for myself if I was to tell someone “I am afraid you can steal my idea” in this scenario I would explicitly follow up by saying I don’t mean them personally and specifically but rather in a general way. She did ask me to stay in touch after the day was done. However, because of that moment I would rather not as I now feel I have already given her too much of myself which I don’t think she truly values it and that she needs to find her own way to repair the damage per se.

I can see this going in many perspectives with one group saying I am way too sensitive in that regards. But then I would say at the moment of course when people need help in that way that “being way too sensitive” is what gives me the ability to be there for you period. No one way is perfect of course and that is probably one of those traits that can be really good and really bad at the same time.

But hopefully this helps you to better understand why a person with my personality type can be so sensitive to what would seem like simple words. Again, from an outside perspective you may say that is stupid as I should just take things more lightly. Of course there is a time and place for that such as if you are watching a movie or getting roasted in a comedy show for fun. But when it comes to specifically having a connection with a person then the sensitive nature is just something that you have to be careful and nurture.

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