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Will he forgive

Axshal Asks:

We are together since one year living in different cities. He has been always there for me. Forgiving me, loving me, arguing and telling me how to sort things out. But after a fight (he was not giving me attention) we didn’t talk for 2 months. But after an earthquake I text him and he text me back. After that he asked me to send him my pics I refused. He called me .but I didn’t answer.so he got angry and started insulting me and humiliating my character. Then I said sorry and attended his CALL
He told me that he was jobless .I got very upset then I he told me that I was separate from other girls. I’m a Capricorn
Then I told him that I have being chatting with this guy from one month(when we were not in touch he took that lightly.
But when I told him that I had gone out with that guy. Just once for a coffee. He started humiliating me
And then we fought
Will he forgive me
Will he be back


Maybe it’s the writing as there seems to be a language barrier here, but it doesn’t sound like you two have that deep of a bond together. Example, for him to blow up like that and “humiliate” you as you say make it feel like the relationship is being maintained more out of principle and a sense of duty. Almost like saying you don’t enjoy a job but stick with it because you gave your word you would be there.

The question should be more do you want to continue and why as it doesn’t seem like there is true chemistry here. Example, him saying he is jobless and you getting angry at him at that? Him being so insecure with you being with other guys? There just seems to be do much distrust and uncompassionate situations here.

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