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I have 2 Pisces friends in my uni, they are twins. I like one of these Pisces guy and the other I enjoy being around him. As a result, I tend to always compare these 2 trying to see if the former Pisces guy likes me too.

The one that I like is somehow powerful and witty, I am often amazed at his intelligent and will feel meek and intimidated at his presence. The other I could talk to for long periods and laugh at stupid silly stuffs. I have feelings for them but inside me I know my heart is always beating fast when the one I like is approaching me. Somehow I find there is much difference in these 2 guys even though they are both so identical. I want to know how to differentiate what kind of actions they does when they like a girl back? The first Pisces always teases me like I am his small pet, likes to know where I go when he couldn’t find me and likes to know who I have been talking to on my phone.

He even likes to give comments when I eat my sweets saying I will grow fat or my face will get bigger. But he is that kind of macho personality who likes to flirt around. I know he attracted many girls cause one of the girl I know thought he was the one who bought her roses when that bouquet doesn’t have a sender name. I was around when she ask if he was the one who gave it but was answered by him saying why would I do that. I kept quiet throughout not knowing what to do or say. And also, he often winks and stare at me like he knew I was falling for him! I didn’t say anything about my feelings to him, just that I can’t help but kept looking at him whenever he passes by. Is he able to tell just by me looking at him?

The other Pisces guy whom I feel very comfortable with is like a dear friend to me. We are somehow close as we often go to places together. Instead, it was me who often make fun of him but it wasn’t the mean way and he will grin at me when I do that and seems happy yet shy. We debate and argue over the slightest thing because we just enjoy doing it! It doesn’t matter if I win or he win the argument. Instead of being macho, he is rather soft and I was like the person he comes to when he needed support like he wasn’t doing well or was sick.

From this are you able to tell which kind of behaviours means love interest? Many thanks!


It sounds like you are personally more attracted to the first guy. But overall, if we are talking about love interest as in the potential of being a couple then they are both showing signs of interest in you as a potential person for it.

It’s what you want to make of it that will dictate how it builds from what you wrote so far. If you read my other posts where I use my personal examples, virtually almost every girl I wrote about where I showed interest in as a person could have essentially started a relationship with me to see if it builds into anything bigger. You just have to take initiative due to my way of thinking if you want to “speed up” the process or catch a person like me specifically. Otherwise for the most part I will be in a “go with the flow” mode where I take my time to learn about you.

I generally think it is “easy” to tell how another person is feeling about me just with the way they are looking at me. At the same time, a person like me just wants to confirm it through a long process which is why we usually never say anything about it. There is a chance we are wrong after all. That’s why again I stress the point that your focus should just be if they are actively engaged with you then that is a good enough sign to start pushing things ahead if that is the direction you desire.

The level of attentive care one provides to you with their own initiative is what you should look for in terms of “love interest” I say. So far the items you wrote demonstrate more about what you give them as oppose to them jumping to your rescue when you need help as an example. That’s why to me I would say you are simply in the “I like you” type of mindset at the moment as opposed to “You are my future wife.”

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