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A Bit lost, any help? Cancer girl interested in pisces guy

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Hi, I’m a cancer girl, naturally in not shy when I don’t like someone but at the moment I find someone interesting I become a bit weird. shy, nervous, strange… I know that and I cant control myself, I stay a bit paralyzed without knowing what to say and I hate it.

I met a guy in a event like one month ago, we spoke about some mutual interested, at the end, he told me to met for a beer with some of his friends.. ( in a very hipotetic way) I asked him for his social web contact. he gave it to me. we didnt spoke in social media I didnt know what to say to him as I didnt want to seem desesperated and going to meet him by my own with him and his friends…/ After like 2 weeks from that, I ask him in social media if he knew where I could get some info about a issue, he told me he could ask to someone and he will let me know, he remind me about that beer, I answered him thanks for that and ask him to come up to an event to have that beer.

He came to the event with some other people I though he came beacuse I told him but..I wasnt sure about that because it was difficult to speak with him.. also one friend who came by his own to the party and I needed to put him some more attention as he didnt know anyone there, so we spoke like 10 min and I lost him..after I found him again and he told me he was going to another pub and I told him I was thinking to go to another placer..his friend told me the name of the place that was close. Some people from the party asked me for some place to go around, (I already compromise myself with another friend to go somewhere else) I contact him through social media to know again the place to say to the other people in the party he answered me next day apologizing about the lateness and telling me it was a cool place to go another day.

I told him I will go someday and I explain him the situation that someone else asked me for a place to go later and I told them to to a name a Invent and hopefully they found something coool ( like trying to follow up the conversation…) he didnt answered me back again….I found him in another event I told him on the party date to go,…he knew some people there already he came to me to say hi, how are you and he went to speak with someone else..after that he told me he met up with someone else for a coffee and he left…, he delete the event I post on his wall..and that’s all from now….I think i will see him soon as we move around the same circles..but it is quite strange as I dont know how to speak with him and I dont really know if he could be interest on me, or he was but now not…I dont really understand why he deleted the post of the event in the wall to me is like try to hide he knows me….as we have some friend in common but Im a bit new in the circles and abit inexperts in the issues of the events so I dunno…sorry for my gramatic Im not English hope someone can helo to understand this situation. Thanks for your time sweet fishes.. Loooking forward to hear from you soon.

Rev. x


Based on what you wrote and my understanding of it in many ways it sounds like in his mind you are “unattainable.” The stereotypical movie example in a role reversal would be the girl liking the guy but sees that he is “Mr. popular” amongst so many ladies where she just doesn’t even try to “compete” with them. In many ways that’s the feeling I get with you and him except it has to deal with social circles and the level of importance he plays when it comes to your interest/priority with him. So far it seems like you have just as much fun and get just as much attention even without him which isn’t exactly a confidence booster in his mind.

To me that would make sense. If what I wrote is true too, then I think a key is to stop using like public group events to be with him. Make it something a bit more special where it is specifically about you and him. My assumption on him deleting the event is he is simply not interested in that event/environment and he doesn’t want the social pressure of being asked why he is ignoring it. There isn’t enough key moments I feel in what you wrote to determine if he is or is not interested in you romantically. That means you still have an opportunity to find out what he is all about.

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