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A Soulmate And Being Loyal In A Relationship Mentality

Some have always mentioned that people born within the pisces birth date range are extremely loyal and caring when in a relationship which means that they won’t cheat on you or ever do anything to hurt you. Hence, everyone wants to be with that kind of partner and will try hard to win them over. In my opinion, that is kind of risky way of thinking as I can tell you that I personally knew a lot of people that are some of the biggest cheats and manipulators in the world. They hop from one relationship to another, cheat on their loved ones, etc.

Now for myself, I personally strongly believe in the finding that one women in your life to cherish and grow with forever. Result, I know that I am going to be a very committed person and so I make the extra effort to find a partner that is the same in that sense. It wasn’t the date of birth that nurtured this way of thinking, but rather a very unique experience I encountered as a child.

My elementary teacher sometimes in the beginning of class would read us the newspaper and talk about important daily news as a form of education for us. One day, the news story happened to be about the professional NBA basketball player Magic Johnson and how he had gotten the aids virus. Now some people in our class asked the question on how he got the virus as all we knew was that this was a “bad” and “deadly” thing to have.

The main answer that the teacher gave which got stuck in my head was that Magic Johnson had sex with another women, other than his wife, and hence he got aids that way. So, the logic that was bearing in my mind was that when a person has sex with another, they are then somehow bonded together and having sex with a different person after creates the aids virus. Hence, when you choose a partner it has to be for life.

Eventually in high school, we had to go through sex education classes. As you may expect, they were kind of brief and being a kid a lot of this stuff is just way over your head. The topics of aids came up again of course with an emphasis that this is a virus that is spreading rapidly and that we must protect ourselves. Again, people asked how others get the disease in the first place. The teacher’s answer was the way people get it was by having multiple sex partners.

As you may have guessed, it reaffirmed my quirky belief that once you have sex with one person that’s it. You often hear how marriage is such a big deal and that you must find the “one” too and that just further convinced my belief on how sex and human genetics worked. Basically, in my mind aids is just like life’s way of punishing you for being unfaithful. It made me think how divorce must be horrible too, since everyone said that, as in mind with the way aids worked that meant you can’t ever have real physical intimacy with another again.

So every time I read on the news such as a guy that cheated on his wife or slept with a bunch of women I just thought “Those two created aids in the world”. I couldn’t comprehend why people would be so dumb as to not be able to control themselves and be faithful rather than having sex with multiple partners and creating this disease that is going to kill them. Hence, this helped to mold me in becoming a person that really wanted to find “the one” and to not go sleeping around as one night of pleasure was not worth shortening my lifespan.

It wasn’t until my very late teenager years where the sex education courses were more thorough that I realized my beliefs about sex and aids were off. Things started to make more sense technically too. But you know what? In my mind the mentality I had about being faithful and not wanting to sleep around with multiple women felt like the right attitude to have anyways. Result, I have been that way ever since.

So in my situation, being loyal and committed came down to my beliefs when I was a child. In many ways, I suppose you can say it is like a kid believing in Santa Claus to keep himself in check to be nice otherwise you won’t get a present. So if you ever want to get down to the bottom of it on a person’s belief in terms of loyalty in a relationship, don’t judge it by their sign I’d say but rather ask them what made them the way they are. Learning the foundation of their way of thinking unveils a lot.

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