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A Stranger teenager on a bus

Mary Asks:


I don’t where to start so, I like someone who’s Pisces like you. But my story is a bit different. I met him on the bus and I have been seeing him for a year but right Its barely that I even see him. Anyways, My point is that how would i know if he likes me because we never talked to each other on the bus but there are other stuff that happened like i stepped on his foot one time and i said sorry and then he smiled like those small things. I wanna know if he likes me or not, how would i know from his moves (body language)? those things. I would like to know if he is the type of person that he would come and talk to me first or start something with me idk. He is like a Stranger to me. We do live close by but only 3 stops away from my home to his home. so yea plz i need ur help


You don’t really have any details here to really analyze as you need to in a sense take some kind of initiative such as small talk to see how he reacts. How he follows up after is what you should be looking for. I would only rely on things like body language for when you are actually talking to each other in a semi conversational way.

As an example of a personal bus story, there was a lady that asked me if I knew when the next bus was coming and I informed her. Afterwards she started to ask me questions like what I was doing in the area and all. Now I was waiting for a specific bus but she just wanted any. As she was talking to me she was really trying to continue the conversation it seemed. A person like me automatically reads that as like signs of interest and so I began to ask her questions.

However, as you may notice through my other posts I am not one to take initiative really. A bus then came by and as it stopped she asked the driver if it would be going to the direction she needed. He said yes and so she went in. She then turned around with that look wondering if I was going to follow. I didn’t as again I was waiting for a particular bus. To me, the situation is way too fast for me to comprehend in a way where I myself would take initiative since I like to get to know people on a deeper level. So I tend to just treat scenarios like these as simply being social.

She could have easily got me to get on that bus, since I could have made it work, if she actually simply asked me if I wanted to get on that one too as opposed to guessing if I would follow. So like with this guy, you need to simply take more initiative first I feel as opposed to relying on things like body language.

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