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I have ready ur post and it makes sense therefore I have a question or a advice request of some sort seeing as nothing is working with thi prices man.

We been seeing each other but after some time he did not seem very interested starting liking girls on social media being less responsive in all togetherness it didn’t seem like he was as much into me as I was and still am into him. I have told him to keep it like friends between us just to please him and give him space. He asked me if I thought he was waisting my time and at the moment I felt like he was but I didn’t think that just by saying those few words ” yes ur waisting my time” would push him that much away from me. He now does not talk to me or txt me or reply or call or see me or even remotely try to Interact with me at all. I m really hurt as I like him so much. At some point I thought he was the one and still wish him to be. It’s been some time now and recently he has posted a snapchat saying ” am I waisting ur time ?”……”yes”. I feel like this is towards me and I feel like I messed up somehow by saying those few words. How can I fix it. I have no idea what to do.


I am actually a little surprised that you were unaware that telling him things like how he is wasting your time wouldn’t cause him to react in the way he did. I would attest the emotions being like a woman asking the person how they think they look and the guy saying “You look ugly” sort of deal. By the sounds of it, he is using that as a way to find comfort from other people.

I feel in your situation it is an all or nothing now for you. If it was me as an example you would probably be in the “gone from my life” zone. Therefore, I feel the only thing you can really do if you want an immediate answer is something such as writing a detailed and heartfelt letter explaining what and why you did what you did and hope for forgiveness. From there, there is not much you can do as the ball is in his court.

Worst case scenario, use it as a life lesson as people like me can be extremely sensitive.

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