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Am I being too unrealistic with a Pisces man?

Marisa Asks:

I saw a worker at a cafe and when I first saw him, instantly I felt this connection. It was so weird. He was constantly looking over at me as well and I had never had guts to go up to somebody I found attractive before in my life as I’m quite shy (I also am I Pisces) but something came over me and I couldn’t stand to not see him again, so I wrote my number on a napkin and went up to him and said to him he should keep it and look inside to which he smiled to and said gladly thank you I will.

He texted me later on that night and we had a brief conversation, after that it just stopped. I initiated the following conversation, then after he asked me how my exams are going. I told him how they went and that was the end of the conversation. It had been a while since we’d spoken but I went to the cafe and coincidentally, he was working that day and serving.

He kept looking over at me and staring. Later on that night he asked me if it were me he saw and I replied yes. That was the last of the conversation we had. He is blunt like that, which is confusing although I had initiated a conversation last night and said we should meet up sometime and he agreed. He even specified a day to meet up when I asked him whenever he is free. I’m just unsure as to whether he is agreeing to this because I asked him a direct question that requires a yes or no. Mind you, he is six years older than me and I just graduated high school, so in the long term do you think also that he may back out because of the age?


I don’t think the age itself plays too much of a factor here based on what you told me. If I was this guy as an example my confusion would be your intent and reasoning as to why you are pursuing me. You may say “Well duh, I like you. Need I say more?” But again, why? Example, is there something in your life where you feel we are like a perfect fit? Is this simply a physical attraction where I am like the flavor of the month for you per se?

By the sounds of it he knows that you like him for sure. While again I don’t feel it has to do with the age, it’s more about you understanding exactly why you feel the way you do and communicating this to him. Ironically, understanding yourself and your emotions kind of requires time where in that sense age plays a factor, but who’s to say you aren’t the most knowledgeable and gifted person there is where you experienced more in a year than most people do in a lifetime? Although, just to note I don’t know what “appropriate” is wherever you are from in terms of age such as how in some places 18 is considered as a fully privileged “adult” whereas in other places it can be like 21.

I guess I am a little confused too as to what you want out of him. If I am reading correctly you suggested that he meet up with you and it looks like that is going to happen correct? So in that sense it is moving forward. There is a chance he is agreeing to the meetup and all out of politeness at first. If I was in that situation where as mentioned I don’t understand why you are pursuing me I would do the same.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t something potentially there though. All you really need to know I think is that he knows that you like him and he is open to the idea of learning more about you. Is there something more you actually like about him as opposed to physical attraction? This is your chance to express to him when you meetup I feel and see where it goes from there.

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  • Sanne January 11, 2016

    That’s really thinking at an imiserspve level

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