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Tina Asks:

Hello. I am a Libra woman. I have been on and off with a Pisces man for nearly a year. We broke up because he had sex on a break with me and never told me. I learned about it 4 monts later. I still love him and he texted me after i blocked and unblocked him 2 times. I texted the 3rd time. we havent spoken in a month. Does he still love me? I dont want to talk to him but i want him back what should i do?


That is sort of contradicting saying that you don’t want to talk to him yet you want him back. That would mean you have to be clear and concise as to what you want out of this first and foremost. I feel that what this boils down to is that you want “repercussions” for his actions in a way that is satisfactory to your liking which he obviously has not done. Only you can answer what that is.

Speaking for myself I don’t even know if I can say he truly ever “loved” you based on what you wrote. The fact that it was on and off while him being with another woman to me would mean you weren’t the world to him per se. Again, I feel you first need to be crystal clear as to what he needs to do to make you completely forgive that aspect of him. If there is truly nothing he can do then this relationship is virtually over by default I would say as there would simply be no trust.

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