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Leila Asks:

So I just been in a bad break up and that night I found out my bf has been cheating on me I posted a picture stating how mad I was. Then someone that I used to date messaged me and I haven’t talked to him in a year and half since we stopped talking. He asked me if I was alright and eventually he convinced me to just met up and talk about it because he felt I needed a break from everything. We meet in a parking lot around 9:00pm and ended up sitting in my car.

We then opened up, I talked about my relationship and how hurt I was and he gave me a lot of advice and he then opened up and talked about himself and his broken heart too. He made it clear that he was still hung up on his ex and so was I. He even mentioned that I couldn’t date him right now. He was trying to comfort me and he even kissed me on my forehead when we were talking but then it got physical. He kissed me and then it went down that road but we didn’t take any clothes off or even have sex. He even told me that were not gonna have sex but it did go far.

Then after that he wanted to leave so we both left and now he texts me but it’s dry and sometimes he takes forever to reply. He even seen me at my job and showed his appearance after I wasn’t texting back for a while. Does this categorize me as friends with benefits?


I would call this more like “rebound” than “friends with benefits” at the moment because based on what you wrote you both seem like you are in a vulnerable state in a sense. Whether or not he truly is or is simply taking advantage of the situation I wouldn’t know for sure. But I would think it would be wise to take a step back and evaluate the situation.

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