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Confused About My Future With My Pisces Man

Nada Asks:

Hey there,

I am a Gemini (12-June-1992) and my man is a Pisces (5-March-1987) and we’ve been dating a little over 4 years now. In the beginning, he fell hard and deep from me. Told me I was the girl he was looking for all his life. He has never introduced any of his past gf to his friends or his mum (single mom). In addition he has never had a relationship longer than 6 months (so he claims). Me on the other hand, I only had 1 boyfriend before who did not treat me well. This ended up with me having trust issues with my pisces man (he is a top model too and me, just average). It was beautiful in the beginning and he did everything to please me. Even moved closer to me, even when my parents dispised him!

We started living together a year after and things got difficult. I didn’t know how to deal with his constant mood swings and he couldn’t deal with mine. I started getting possessive and jealous because I started depending on him because my parents abandoned me when i told them I was going to live with him.

Recently he dumped me after months of tension, no romance, no sex. I went home to my parents home and grieved. I wanted him in my life and so i suprised him by flying to his home because he was not answering my calls and text messages.

We cried after talking for a long time and he cancelled his vacation plans and told me to go with him. We went but ended up arguing most of the time and then, now I find him talking to the most sluttiest woman on facebook. Keep in mind that this is his 2nd time he has being unfaithful to me.

I am pretending I dont know but its killing me inside. When I bring it up he says ‘So cant you see what is happening here? seems like you understand’ and then few days later hes texting me telling me he cant wait to get home to see me, he misses me and hes thinking about me! Yet he messages this woman telling her that I am leaving soon and that we seem more like friends than lovers.

In addition i heard they are incredibally patient. I am leaving to UK in August due to my studies and he doesnt want to come. Is he waiting for the perfect escape? He has been talking to me about taking me back home to Russia to see his friends and family before I leave. I really cant seem to add things up.

Please help me as I have never been heart broken before and I am paranoid! I havent spoken about this to anyone because he hates it.


You two don’t sound like you are happy when you are together with all the constant arguing and trust issues. Based on what you wrote, it seems like there is simply not enough natural chemistry for him to be happy with you. It’s the scenario where the person constantly hopes and wishes someone will change in many ways.

I am inclined to say that he sympathizes/relates with your life as a big reason he was with you. I wouldn’t necessarily say that he is waiting for the perfect escape, but rather you are on the bench, so to speak. Basically, if he finds someone else more ideal at the moment he will go with that option. Think of it like choosing a friend to go to a concert with where one is always pestering you with negativity or asking for favors that drain you. Like there, I wouldn’t say the person is looking for the perfect escape out of the friendship. Instead, like there he/she wants to be around positive people for the event.

Bringing it back to this scenario, it’s pretty clear that whatever he wants from you he is not getting. That’s not to justify his actions of course. Girls usually say this more where certain guys make them feel sexy and loved. Don’t overlook that the reverse can be true too. Overall, it’s like getting along so well with someone because you have similar hobbies. But when it comes down to values and lifestyle beliefs it’s just so different. Like the second you live together everything goes under.

Generally speaking, if you don’t trust him that much this isn’t a very healthy relationship, in my opinion.

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