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Confused by my Pisces man

Ridhi Asks:

Hey! I’m a Taurus and have been dating this Pisces guy since 6 months now.. initially he chased me a lot as I was coping from a previous heart break and had my guards up! He’s consistency really made me open up to him he made me feel like a queen! To my surprise he always talked about future and marriage.. he always motivated me in my work yes he’s always flirting around for fun which pissed me off but he always said he loved the look on my face it’s his way of loving me..

I got distant emotionally cz I was hurting.. we went out drinking once n I apparently kissed another guy in front of him (I do not remember doing any such thing) even though he showed me immense love the whole night and only told me in the morning he even cried, so did I he said he has forgiven me cz he knew I didn’t intentionally do it and same time asked me to marry him.. we started arguing a lot cz like any relationship it takes time to discover and accept each other..

every fight we had he would break up with me I would cry try to patch up within one day or less n he would be like “you know I love you so much” and again would break up next time we fought. He would say such mean things in anger too.. to cut it short he had been ignoring me for 2 days reading my messages all of them but not replying not picking my calls watching alll my snapchat stories.. last night he responded saying he wants to focus of work n he works better without me around that I’m a distraction.. I chose to not reply as I was really hurt..

though I was speaking to another friend about it.. my bf saw me online for so long n replied I’m always online .. I again ignored his message.. after an hour he again messaged saying he doesn’t trust me 1 bit and what’s the point of that relationship.. and it’s maybe his problem he can’t trust.. whenever we meet he’s another person we r so happy everyone tells me he’s so smitten by me all his friends! I know deep down he loves me.. I’m really confused..

last week itself he was out for a trip with his friends and he messaged saying I can’t do without you let’s get official ( engagement sorts) I really don’t know what to do I know he really cares for me in his actions and honestly I’ve done everything to make up for my mistake.. I’m really worried


Your scenario sounds very emotionally driven that creates that on and off scenario. I would imagine it like someone eating some really spicy food where they love the food itself and the taste of the spice but they absolutely hate the heat. So when the heat gets too much they swear they will never eat it again. But then they keep going back because they love the food itself. Once again once they experience the heat they freak out about how they hate it.

To me that feels like the essence of your situation with him. Yes, it does sound like he likes you a lot but at the same time really dislikes large parts as well. That would make sense to me with his attitude towards you. Now the worry here is like the above if technically the person likes the food but hates the heat then realistically getting him the same food without the heat would be a perfect match right? That’s what you need to think of here I feel as my concern would be if that is the case trying to change someone will be daunting.

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