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Alyssa Asks:

Pisces and I had a fight. He later went to drink and sent a drunk (as he claimed) text to his ex gf. He wanted for them to be friends and said he couldn’t start anew despite the options available to him (and WTF does that make me as his current gf???) and said he still loves her.

He claimed that it was all a drunk act and said that it was all in the past and I am the one he loves now. But he was honest In confessing to me that he would sometimes think bout his past with her.

Can you tell me what is the truth,what is really on his mind and deep down hidden at the bottom of his heart?


This is really subjective. It almost reminds me of that recent video of the female doctor that was harassing the uber driver.

As the story would play out, she is telling everyone that is not the real her as she was drunk and going through hard times cause her boyfriend broke up with her. A lot of people don’t believe her though. Would you as an example? I would imagine your situation is like that where depending on your mindset you can view it either the good or bad way. Like here, you can either view the alcohol as like the truth serum or something that basically controlled him.

The only real thing I can say is that he has a lot of unresolved feelings for his ex and is not very good at managing them. I would interpret that as there is something in terms of an experience that he had with her which has not yet been overshadowed by yourself. I don’t know the time-frame in which he entered into the relationship with you after her where if it was quick some would say it’s like a rebound.

An interesting example I have seen was to analyze how many times the person references and cross compare you to the ex whether it be in a good or bad way. Cause if they were truly dedicated and happy with you then they shouldn’t really care about them too when you think about it and instead cherish the time with you.

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