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Get a Pisces woman back

Nick Asks:

I’m a Gemini and we kinda was going back and fourth about being together. We both were loyal and already said the I love you but she start backing off when she saw I was serious. Than she asked for space and said she don’t wanna do anything anymore. Is she just in her feelings or just doing the disappear act? How to get he back I’ve been giving her space waiting to see if she comes back.


While it is easier said than done for you I feel you need to find out why she is “backing off” even though she said she loves you. I would personally be inclined to say based on that scenario maybe she said it more out of a fear of losing you as opposed to her truly feeling it if that makes sense. One way to try and get to the bottom of it is think back and analyze when she said those words to you. What exactly was the scenario as an example? Is there also outside influence such as you have a group of friends in couples where they look so happy where she is in a phase where she feels the need to be “better” than them per se? Because that could have been a sign that she wanted you to do more too. That’s something for you to analyze as I personally don’t know the specifics for your situation.

I personally usually say when a person says to give them space in this way it’s more that they feel you can’t help them in whatever the issue is. That may not even be true as you can help but one is just too used to not receiving it during whatever situation they are in and so they go at it alone. You need to stay engaged with her life I feel. That doesn’t mean you need to be in her space but rather find a way to stay in tune with her life while making it extremely apparent that you are there for her.

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