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Getting Into And Understanding The Deeper Zone Purposes of A Pisces

A point came up where it seems like to be able to learn and be with a person with my personality type you usually have to go through a few complex layers of the individual. In many ways it’s true and since things like thoughts and feelings aren’t tangible I feel like I need to use fictional settings to help describe the whole process. Since I used a garden analogy to talk about having a guard before let’s continue with that example where the garden is essentially like my life and the energy that runs it. As well, let’s divide the garden up where there are three zones. The values, the energy and the essence.

The Values Zone – Do You Authentically Have Similar Values

The first zone is a general public one where I share any excess energy and resources I have as a way to help those around me while exploring and growing in life in general. Example, if I have the energy to offer one tree that grows apples in that zone then anyone who needs it is free to take it as they please. Or maybe you just need to sit in like the garden to help alleviate your daily stress. Like there, if I have the space to offer to those in need then I will allow anyone to enter that space. In general, there is like a natural nature type of cycle in place to ensure things will keep growing/replenishing where I rely on like the honor system from people to help maintain everything. This would kind of describe how everyone suggests that a person like me seems nice to everyone at first where it is hard to tell how one views them as an individual.

Now as you can imagine, there are some people who would abuse this. They will take all the apples for themselves without any consideration on what they can do to maintain the flow for others or they will take up all the space without any real thought because they are simply focused on receiving to the point where they can completely trash the first zone of the garden. This can essentially mean there are no more fruits and plants for anyone until the second zone has spare energy to fix it up.

You may ask something like “Well, why don’t you just kick people out if they are clearly abusing you in that way?” If you think about it, it’s not that simple. Example, what if this person who is taking so much truly is just in a dark place in their life where I can help them? At the same time, how do we know if they aren’t just like a con artist who is taking from me because they know I will give initially? You really don’t until you get to truly know them while giving them the very last moment before they walk away to see what they do. Sometimes you can end up saving a life per se and sometimes you will just get abused like there is no tomorrow. Like everything, it’s only through my life experience that I can be more efficient in handling and analyzing it.

This goes back to me saying on how my guard is like a high tech garden maze where out of all my life experience security measures are put in place to try and properly identify those people while giving restricted access. As well, in the beginning everything was one big open garden zone without like a wall in sight. But as people abused it I learned that I simply have to divide it up to try and only allow authentic people to get into the more delicate yet abundant zones.

If I don’t have these walls, guards or whatever you want to call it in a controlled manner to stop inauthentic people from completely abusing me like a doormat I would probably end up being extremely resentful in life like how people then resort to things like drugs and alcohol to fill in the wounds. In that sense I am fortunate to have been able to simply experience the right things in life for the most part to understand emotions to know how to protect it yet still be able to give. Some classify it as things like “Emotional Intelligence.”

That’s something to think about too as I often hear people say how a person like me just “disappears” or is closed off where it’s simply one of those moments where the person needs “space” as they say. For myself anyways, the first zone getting trashed is probably a better way of describing it I feel. Essentially, there is just nothing left at the moment and it requires some major cleanup and rejuvenation. Before and after pictures of music festivals are a great example I think. Imagine first the garden is like this:


In a worst case scenario it ends up like this if enough non-genuine people enter the zone:


Really think about that image. How many people afterwards who are looking for a place to relax would simply just look at it and say something like “Eww, that looks messy. Let’s just go find a different garden to stay in.” Probably the majority right? How many would actually have the compassion to selflessly help to rejuvenate it while having the keen senses/vision, so to speak, to be able to value the garden when it may not be at its optimal condition? I mean you could technically say I just need space where I simply need time to clean everything up which is accurate. Or, the better way of putting it is just doing it all by myself takes a long time and it is something I have gotten accustomed to.

As you may imagine, this is why my first zone garden area isn’t that large/deep because I understand what my limitations are and it allows me to really focus my energy on you. That’s kind of like why I would prefer to meet and get to know people in small bunches as opposed to going to like some party and opening myself up to hundreds of people at a time. So even if a group of people trash it I know how to take care of it with just myself. Again, if you think about it, how do I necessarily know if someone will say sit in that space and pick up after themselves until the very end? You really don’t. To me, this is simply just the way to determine the person’s values in life.

But now that you have a better perspective of that, maybe you can understand better on why it is kind of essential that a person like me has these kinds of zones where the first one can feel like it can take an eternity to get through. If you think about it too, you can still get a very good idea about a person like me in this first zone. Technically speaking, it should give you a general feel of the entire climate and atmosphere of this garden to determine if you feel it is compatible with you.

Example, just based on sheer temperature there is a difference between a garden that is located in a hot/humid weather area versus a more timid one. So if you say in your life you want pineapples I don’t think a garden in a timid temperature one can effortlessly give you enough of what you want. You don’t necessarily need to be in the deeper zones to find this out.

Ultimately, to get to the next zone you need to simply demonstrate similar life values. Like with the example I gave most people would simply take and go. However, every now and then you meet those people who generally desire for your well-being and show it with action. That is often the ticket to opening up doors to the next zone.

The Energy Zone – Enhance or Drain

The second zone would be closer to what a person like me would have been like if I never experienced any kind of life hardship. It has more of an abundance in this section of the garden and you can actually see plants and animals before they fully evolve. In fact, I am giving you an open invitation to help me grow and you can play a role in it now that you are here. As well, you have access to things like the soil where instead of just taking what I grow to energize you in life, like the apple tree which I placed in the first zone, it’s like I am willing to let you take a seed in your life that you feel you really need and let my garden help you to grow it.

Example, if it’s an orange you needed instead of an apple then I will plant the orange seed you gave me to grow it for you. In essence, replace things like seeds and orange trees with like your everyday life obstacles or emotional needs. I am not just giving you stuff to try and make your life better but rather I am giving you my direct energy to grow these marvelous things with you.

While you are in this second zone too, I should be able to feel a great reciprocation where I as a person feel I am growing and being nurtured as well. Take the orange seed that the person gave me and assume my garden environment was so perfect in helping them to grow it. I should in-return feel that having orange trees in my life now makes me better too. Example, it just fits in with all the other plant/animal life in the garden and I can even offer oranges in the first zone as well because of you. So overall I have grown to be a better garden in every way.

Now sometimes this can be abused too. For example, now that a person has access to put stuff in the soil to help them grow things, for some people once they get what they want I notice that they don’t really appreciate it where they start to do things such as throwing their garbage in the soil.

So like there, if the actions aren’t making me grow and feel nurtured as well and you are in the second zone I then tend to restrict people to go in like your own little circle within the garden as I still want to try and help you while finding out more. If I conclude it’s bad then it is back to the first zone. It should be super easy to tell if you think about it too on whether or not I think you are the right person to go to the next zone.

This is a key note I feel on why most people are usually stuck in the second zone. You see, like the orange tree example a lot of people would feel like they are in heaven while being so grateful that they found someone who could grow this tree with them. However, many people neglect to consider that the soil needs to be taken care of too such as being watered where I usually to do it myself. You may say well just ask and people and they will do it, but from my personal experience anyways that usually means it is a trade for a trade type of relationship as oppose to the person feeling genuinely connected and motivated in wanting to take care of the other. You really need that sense for the third zone.

Think of it like I am looking for the type of connection or care that a parent has with a newly born. The newborn doesn`t literally have to speak words for you to want to take care of him/her. They don’t need to literally ask for things for you to try and figure out what it needs to grow in a positive and healthy way. In many ways, this is what I try to do for the people I care about. So I am simply seeking for that same kind of life value. This is the main thing I am looking for and am trying to give you in this zone. Do we compliment and understand each other in a way where everything is naturally genuine and organic where we both come out happier, more inspired and full of life? Or do we suck the energy out of each other where it feels like a grueling job of sort?

A simple example for perspective too, for those who are confused, could be like a fitness routine where you really wanted to reach a certain goal. I wouldn’t just stand in the sideline cheering you on but rather I will actually want to participate with you because I understand the power of having another to help you see through it while feeding off the energy of each other as well. While the routine is easy for me, I know my presence can help you greatly and at the same time it’s something that helps me in life too as I need to stay active anyways. So it’s like a perfect match of energy and presence with each other.

A not so ideal case would be that you require activities like skateboarding instead and no one else can help you. While I have no interest in it personally and may not be very good at it, I would still do it to help you. As you can imagine, this would drain me where I would frequently fall down and I would probably require other things in life to rejuvenate myself to keep at it. The worst case here is that you simply don’t have the desire to want to give me the help back per se in ways that I would need which of course means this relationship is one sided. Example, maybe for me it would be needing help studying a book but you find it too boring to bother.

The Essence Zone – How Are We As A Unity

The final process is now all about discovering if I can entrust you with my raw emotions and energy where we have a natural fit for each other. In the sense of a garden, think of it like you can now interact with the stream of water that gives the garden what it needs as well as access to the mountain top. While standing on the mountain top, you should get a pretty clear visual of all the things that make me who I am as well as being able to essentially take anything from this garden first.

If you think about it, you could literally just take all the water yourself as an example where the first and second zone cannot exist for others. As well, I am not just providing you the ability to just visit the garden but rather to live in it if you wish. Feel free to take up parts of the water stream or sunlight sources for yourself. Make your mark where others won’t have access to the same if you wish.

Hence, very scary if I allowed someone in here who wasn’t authentic. However, my trust is that you should be able to use what you know about me to naturally understand what it naturally takes to keep me rejuvenated in life. Like a nature cycle everything is pretty much set as for the most part I have adapted through various obstacles in life to be self-sustainable. However, my hope is that you are the kind of person who can make it better as there are a lot of things I can’t do without having say a special person in here. Theoretically speaking, because I am sharing with you raw details and from the source that also means I can’t necessarily tell you what I need many times.

Now obviously every zone in the garden affects me except they are divided in a way where worst case scenario everything can be repaired if a disaster happens because of this final zone. Imagine in my first zone you see that I allow a “crow” that I have never seen before to come in as I assume it needs help. For whatever reason, it is hurting the garden as it is simply taking and vandalizing the area but I am persevering through it because I am just not sure if it genuinely just needs help but is desperate as I never dealt with a “crow” before in my life.

Now if you weren’t in my life to know these details what would happen here is that once I am confident that this “crow” is bad for me then over the years I have learnt how to harness say “owls” in my garden. As a result, I analyze things and assume an “owl” will help. So, I send it out there hoping it will work in fending it off. While that worked, it was a pretty gruesome and draining situation.

So imagine you are standing in this essence zone in my life now where you can clearly see how the process works and how it affects me. The bad scenario would be you just watch while taking my energy for other things. Example, standing there and saying “well, you never asked me to do anything” even though you can clearly see what is happening.

The ideal scenario would be you understand my garden so well and have the keen sense to know that an “owl” is a natural predator of a “crow.” Therefore, while in this zone you will nurture the “owl” in support of me so that if I do have to unleash it this “owl” it will be able to fix everything faster than I would have been able to do on my own. Or better yet, you are such a good fit that your intelligence and senses leads you to simply put like a funny scarecrow in the first zone which I have no skill to make. Everyone else ignores it making the first zone still pleasant but it scares away all the “crows.” Like wow, your presence in my life is amazing.

It should be a two way street as well. Example, from experience I know you wanted/needed oranges. With that knowledge, I will assume you like citrus types of fruits and therefore will grow things like lemon without you even asking. If we have that kind of connection why wouldn’t I want the person in my life?

I know this was probably a lot to comprehend, but hopefully it gives you a better understanding when it comes to how a person like me thinks as well as what zone you are in. At the same time, the things you can do to move the relationship forward if that is your goal.


  • Flower December 1, 2015

    Wow.. Felt like Alice in wonderland… Initially found it difficult to understand but then found it amazing. Alan why don’t you publish all your work in a form of a book. ” Understanding a Pisces man”.. I’m sure it will be interesting and helpful for many. ! ?

  • Alan December 1, 2015

    I wouldn’t even know where to start with things like a book….. I would imagine if I was to try something like that I would need like the help of editor as I don’t think my conversation/memory style writing would live up to what people would expect in a book.

    This all got me curious to look at the stats of the content here now that you mention it. I have one Word document that has a mix of reader question answers and posts I have made which consists of 257 pages and 121,713 words in it…… Kind of crazy to think about.

    But generally speaking, if it was a feasible thing for me to do I wouldn’t mind trying. I like the notion of being able to help more people. 🙂

  • Flower December 1, 2015

    257 pages.. Wow it already sounds like a good book to me containing everything i need to know about a pisces man .. So all you need is a good editor now. Hope you can find one soon. Alan actually what made me say this to compile it in a form of a book is because you are writing on this blog from 2009 , almost 8 years now. So much detailed description from you about a Pisces personality, I think all your hard work is worth publishing . After finding your site i have never searched for any other site about pisces. So why not as a book, where it can reach in hands of many. People like me will appreciate it the most i guess. I guess you should go for it ..!?

  • Alan December 2, 2015

    I think I will make a separate post about this that kind of falls in-line with some stuff that I was thinking about before. Keep an eye out for it. 😀

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