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Why hasn’t he responded to my confession?

Vu Thao Asks:

I am a Scorpio. I’m in a baseball club in my school and I have a crush on the captain – he is a Pisces. Unlike the common personalities of a Pisces described on the Internet, he is very rigid, cold and strict. He rarely shows his true feelings. He and I didn’t talk much at first, but recently, he inboxed me and teased me a lot. So I confessed to him through a letter. After that day, the teasing continues, but he didn’t text me again and didn’t talk about it. How do you think about this? Is he interested in me?

Vu Thao,

I am not 100% sure what you mean by tease. For example, is he saying he likes you but then saying you two can never be at this point? Do you mean he jokingly makes fun of your athletic ability? But generally speaking if you are outright telling me he ignored the letter with no response I would actually wonder if he actually received it or if it went to the junk folder as an example. Unless you are 100% certain he read it.

But generally speaking it sounds like you need to be aggressive with him. For example, challenge him in a competition. You are basically playing on his level which he probably doesn’t expect. For example, if he is teasing that you are a slowpoke or something like that the challenge him to a race and hopefully you beat him. This way if you know he was just ignoring you before he can’t ignore this in a sense of it would kill his manhood per se. From there odds are he will be a bit more open to you if you impress him in that way.

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