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Heart broken Asks:

I’am a Scorpio woman and my boyfriend is a Pisces. We have been going about our a relationship quite long now. when we r away from each other due to work reasons or other activities we send selfies to each other so that we don’t feel alone. But the other day, he wanted a seductive picture since he was in the mood n I sent him a nude picture of me n when I asked him to send his.. He gladly n happily accepted my pic but he didn’t send me his n in fact he just said sorry n dispeared offline. Please help

Heart Broken,

I am not exactly sure what kind of input you would like me to place here. The only thing I can really analyze here is that he is ashamed of what he did in asking you to do this. Example, the act of it is embarrassing or he doesn’t want to subject himself to do it even though you did. Maybe he knew ahead of time he wouldn’t do it as an example but wanted you to still. Just a note too, I don’t think this is a good idea in general to do stuff like that.

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