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Lauren Asks:

I met this pisces guy. We connected so well it was scary. We texted night and day. The minute we wake to bed. He told me he felt i was his soul mate and he also told me he loved me. We were having a normal conversation and all of a sudden he disappeared. He stopped texting me not responding me. He even blocked me on instagram and facebook. I just want to understand why. How can he leave if he told me he loved me. He told me he would never do that to me. Does he really love me like he said he did or was that a lie? Will he come back?


There are quite a bit unanswered details about your situation to really make an assessment. I don’t really understand the backstory such as how you met or the type of conversations or activities you have been doing with each other. No one would just suddenly block or disconnect from you for absolutely no reason.

With what you wrote too about him confessing his love I would have to assume everything happened pretty fast. If so to me that is always a warning sign that something isn’t right. Again, I don’t really understand your story, but an example would be if you are basing this on purely an online meeting then a hypothetical scenario that happens a lot is that people get catfished. So once they get bored or don’t feel they can push it in the direction they want they just give up.

Or maybe you did meet this guy for real and it has been a long time and all where maybe one of your actions caused him to believe you were inauthentic. At this point I just don’t understand your situation too well, but those are hypothetical examples.

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