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I want my ex back

Sennayt Asks:

Hii i am Pisces too. My ex is Pisces too. I love so much n the reason tht our relationship didn’t is me. I cheated over him n thn we broke up n then we got back together twice.He tells to change he doesn’t want me to go out or to smoke. Its been three month since we break up but this time he really don’t want me back. What should i do? I love him so much i would do anything to get him back


There isn’t much to analyze here as you kind of gave yourself the answer by the sounds of it. Basically, he wants you to change. If you feel his requests are unreasonable and refuse to budge, and likewise for him, then I would imagine the simple answer is this relationship is over as you two are just too different. If you broke up twice too that is a little extreme in my view and would wonder why you two can’t seem to commit to each other. Again, it just feels like you are two completely different people.

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